Wednesday, December 29, 2010

La Grotta Del Formaggio

I was going through all my pictures of sandwiches for the Top Ten Sandwiches of 2010 post I am planning when I realized that I hadn't posted my La Grotta sandwich! Mistake! You can't have a sandwich roundup without La Grotta.

So here is a late post about a summer sandwich. Enjoy the pictures of sunshine!

lafromage 001

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Romer's Burger Bar- Best Birthday Bash.

Okay, bash is sort of an exaggeration but sometimes you have to stretch the truth for some alliteration. Wednesday was Big M's birthday and he wanted to go for an intimate dinner with me to celebrate. (awwwww, shucks). He was undecided of where to go. He wanted nice, but not super fancy and good food but not really pricey. After presenting him with a short list (from my Urbanspoon wish list, might as well kill 2 birds with one party), he chose Romer's Burger Bar on 4th.


Excellent. I have been trying to get here for a while but living in the burbs (for now!) I don't make it over that way very often.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

FRESH Japanese Restaurant

In between sandwiches last week I went for sushi. I have a regular sushi spot but decided to go a new place that is closer to me, FRESH Japanese Restaurant. I really like how FRESH is capitalized. A much more appetizing name than DAY-OLD Japanese Restaurant.

freshsushi 003

I think that most of the traffic for this restaurant must be local as it is at the end of the Cambie St bridge. Not a lot of parking or walk by traffic there, but a bunch of condos.

The inside of the restaurant is fancier than most of the sushi shops up Robson, but they are in Yaletown. It has a burgundy and black theme with a fireplace and loft ceilings. On the day that I went there were a couple of office workers like me and a whole bunch of construction workers from the BC Place (is that still the name?) construction site. I really liked the juxtaposition of big burly construction workers eating delicate sushi using chopsticks. I don't know why I found the visual so amusing, but it was so Vancouver.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Dirty Apron

I have been in sandwich mode for the last couple of weeks. I don't know what it is, but all I want is sandwiches! I feel like Joey. Maybe I will do a Best Sandwiches of 2010 post. This post will be about my latest sandwich from Dirty Apron Delicatessen.

Dirty Apron is located down from Medina and Chambar on Beatty Street. It opened as a cooking school but has recently added Deli and grocery to the list. I would really like to take one of the classes that they offer. I can imagine that the gift certificates they offer would cover the classes... *Christmas Hint*.

dirty apron 005

Monday, December 13, 2010

Commune Cafe- Blog Crossover Edition!

Friday I went for lunch with a couple of coworkers- one a fellow blogger, to Commune Cafe on the edge of Yaletown.

The Commune Cafe has been on my radar for a while as they have a communal table (see name of joint) and I love sandwiches. Their website says they "are proud to offer natural free-range meats & eggs, organic produce, milk products and 100% sustainable seafood-locally sourced. We only use environmentally friendly cleaning supplies, recyclable and compostable take out containers. COMMUNE CAFE is a member of Greentable & Oceanwise"

All good things! Let's go Comrades!

communecafe 006

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Red Wagon

Saturday's breakfast was suggested to me by the magic of the Internet. I had some errands to run and thought I would treat myself to some breakfast on the way. I have been wanting to try the new Waldorf cafe but I decided to check out the twitter feed on the Urbanspoon main page to see what was for offer before I set out. I am so glad I did because I saw this:

@redwagoncafe: Pulled pork buttermilk pancakes. Jack Daniels maple syrup. (Dec 3, 2010)


red wagon 002

The Red Wagon is one of those places that I knew I was going to like just by the look of it. Big M and I went by it during a trip to Donald's Market when the owner was doing some renos. The sign was already up and I love the font. I know it is judging a restaurant by it's cover, but I was right in this case.

Friday, December 3, 2010

12B- Underground Restaurant or Coolest Dinner Party Ever?

I am so in love with the idea of an underground restaurant. Health code, bah- who needs it? I want some awesome food that a mysterious chef has made in his secret location. I also love that I have cool friends who know cool people who do cool things. In this case, thanks to Kate for inviting Sarah to join your group for 12B and to Sarah for convincing Kate to allow Big M and me to tag along.

12B is, essentially, a dinner party where the food prepared and served by a secret chef at his place, 12B, and all you have to do is show up with your own booze, a suggested donation of $65.00 and an appetite. Then he will serve you and 10-12 of your friends an amazing 6 course meal.

12B 004

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

(Bo Laksa King's) Bubbles and Bits- Way More Than Bubble Tea

A giant perk of creating a food blog is your friends will start inviting you to their favorite "hidden gem" restaurants. A word of warning- I will blog about it.  Even if you tell me to keep it a secret.  If I agreed to that, I lied.  I will expose your secrets.  Last Friday, the lovely Kyira invited me to her new favorite restaurant- (Bo Laksa King's) Bubbles and Bits.

Picture by Chow Times. (my night photo did not turn out with my crappy camera)

Honestly, I wouldn't have gone here on my own. I have gone past this restaurant found in a strip under some condos on Hastings Street many times. I thought it was only bubble tea and bubble tea freaks me out a bit. All those pearls shooting up the enlarged straw into your mouth and then bursting, ack!

I am so very happy that Kyira made that first trip in because their food is amazing.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Irish Heather Long Table- Second Visit.

I have been sitting on this dinner story for a couple of months. Cast your mind back to September when Sarah, Toby, Big M and I went for dinner at the Irish Heather for the Long Table Series. We had a fine time, the food was good but we didn't feel like we received the full Long Table experience of eating and talking with strangers, possibly making new friends. The Hammer made for a good story, but I don't want to be his friend. I also ended up with the empty seat next to me. So we decided to go back again to try to have that magical evening we knew was available there.

Big M made us reservations for short rib night.
Braised Beef Short Ribs With Roast Parsnips & Horseradish Jus
16oz Pint Of Driftwood Ale $17

irishheather2 001

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nuba on Hastings

Back from vacation and the land of the buffets! As I take this week to do some JC to make up for the food and free poured rum it seemed like a good idea to do some catch up on some past eating.

A few weeks ago the lovely Stoli Von Stingray and I went for some lunch to Nuba on Hastings. The last time I was at Nuba it was still in it's old spot where La Taqueria is now. When I used to work in the Gastown area (before it was hipsterville) there was some coffee shop there that I never went into. The bars on the window and the fact that it was in the basement made me feel like it would be eating lunch in a dark dungeon. Turns out I was wrong. It was really bright and clean. Good start.

Man oh man was it busy in there. It is a much larger space than I expected and every seat in the house was taken at lunch time. There was also a line up for the take out counter. The take out is weirdly located at the back of the restaurant and you have to stand around the table of seated people waiting for your order. A bit odd but busy so it must be worth it.

We started off with:
baba ghanooj 7.00
creamy roasted eggplant puree with citrus & tahini

nuba 002

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Chopped Leaf

I have been trying to practice Meatless Mondays. I was a vegan for about 7 years and have been feeling the need to cut down a bit on the carnivorism. With it being Monday and Courtney not eating pork or fish on a regular basis, we headed out for a lunch adventure. We decided on the Chopped Leaf.

Chopped Leaf is relatively new to the Robson Street food choices. From the outside they seem to be a Jugo Juice/Wrap Zone hybrid. Their website indicates they are a franchise that focuses on the healthy and environmental factors of eating.


Friday, November 12, 2010

Kim Bo Ting- Metrotown Food Court.

This is going to be a short and not so sweet review. The SituatioM and I were doing some last minute vacation shopping at Metrotown and stopped at the food court. I was feeling soupish so I went to Kim Bo Ting. Their sign says "Fabulous Noodles". With a name like that, what can go wrong?

fabnoodles 001

This. Fabulous Noodles= LIES

fabnoodles 002

Worst food fair lunch I have ever had. Admittedly, I took this picture after I ate the 2 pieces of broccoli. The only edible part of the soup.  Are chunks of semi warm imitation crab a "crab meat ball"?

I should have gone to Taco Time.

Kim Bo Ting (Metrotown) on Urbanspoon

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pho vs Pho NoBu Pho 101 vs Triple Coconut Tree

It has been well documented that food wrapped in dough is my favorite food. Meals in soup with noodles comes in a close second. I love pho. I said it before and I will say it again now, props to Vietnam for this awesome idea. This is a tale of two phos up in the hood of NoBu- Triple Coconut Tree and Pho 101.

phoburnaby 001

pho 101
Photo by Sherman

Monday, November 8, 2010

Bistro 101 at Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts

Courtney and I went on our first outside of work friends date to a Writer's Festival event on Granville Island. We knew we would have some time before the show, so I went online and made reservations at Bistro 101 at Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts.

Bistro 101 is the restaurant and bakery that is attached to the culinary school. A friend recently graduated from the pastry program and told me about the restaurant. The idea is that all of the students get "real world training" in all aspects of restaurant life, including serving. They serve a 3 course prix fixe menu. I really like a prix fixe menu as it is a good excuse to eat 3 courses. You HAVE to order an appetizer and dessert. It's a rule.

The restaurant is quite sparse in decoration, but they do have large windows open to the kitchen so you can see you food being prepared.

PICA instruction

They start you out with some really fresh baked buns and warm, spreadable butter.

PICA buns

There were two kinds of buns offered, one of them had cranberries in them. There is nothing bad to say about fresh baked buns.

Courtney started with the Butternut Squash Soup. I loved the fancy serving bowl.

PICA soup

The pepper on the side looked like a bit of a mistake, but I am sure that was a plating choice. She said it was really thick and tasty.

I decided to go all out and order the Escargot in a Curry Dijon Sauce puff pastry leaf.

PICA escargot

So much better than I thought it would be. I have only had escargot once before in french cooking class and there they tasted like garlic and butter. They really are just a carrier for sauce. These were cooked very well (which highlighted the fact that we over cooked ours in class). The "puff pastry leaf" was salted which I found really interesting and tasty. I really liked the dijon curry sauce. It was quite different than any other curry sauce I have had.

On our way into the restaurant I told Courtney that we weren't allowed to order the same thing so that we could try more of the food. That turned out to make her dinner options very slim. They offered a fish, pork and veal dish and she doesn't eat fish or pork. She was a little weirded out by eating veal as she likes to pretend that meat magically appears instead of coming from baby animals.

Grilled Veal Steak red wine demi glace, sauce Bearnaise, potato croquette.

PICA veal

Her favorite part was the croquette and the veggies. Both were cooked perfectly. The Bearnaise looked like it had been sitting under a lamp for a while. Neither of us are veal experts so we don't know if it was really good veal. It really didn't taste like much.

I went with the pork because it came with bacon. The fish was a sable fish that came with a risotto but everyone knows that bacon trumps risotto.

Pork Tenderloin Medallion Wrapped in Bacon. black forest ham confit, potato croquette, artichoke (sorry about picture quality)

PICA pork

My dinner was fantastic. The pork and bacon were cooked perfectly. I am not a big fan of the thyme sprigs in the servings, but that would be my only complaint of the meal.

Easily the best part of the meal were the desserts. Go pastry class!

Courtney ordered the Black Forest Cake vanilla sauce, brandied cherries. Pretty and tasty.

PICA cake

I ordered the Apple and Berry Cobbler vanilla bean and caramel ice cream

PICA cobbler

It was so good. I loved the individual serving. Courtney said that I freaked her out with the intensity that I ate the cobbler with. I then freaked out the pastry cook when I stopped in the kitchen door to tell her how good I thought it was.

Another person that I freaked out was our waiter. Poor kid. You could tell that he was not comfortable with talking to the public which only made me more chatty. This waiter was my favorite. He was a lot of fun.  And he brough us a spoon.

PICA waiter

I had a great time at Bistro 101. Their menu changes every day so it would be fun to go back to see what you would get the next time. The service had it issues (soup is easier with a spoon) but all in all it was really tasty and fun.

We stopped at the bakery section outside of the restaurant before we ate so that I could pick up a little dessert for the SituatioM. He loved it.

PICA mousse

Bistro 101 at Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts on Urbanspoon

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Eli's Serious Sausage

The name of the newest food cart/hot dog vendor in town is Eli's Serious Sausage. That name is no joke. Eli is really serious about his sausage- and they are seriously good.

serioussausage 008

Thanks to the magic of Twitter (@eateli), Adele and I went to the cart on opening day. It couldn't have been a nicer day for the grand opening. The cart is located at the corner of David Lam Park across from Pan Da Bakery.   For you out of towners, this is November 1st in Vancouver.

serioussausage 002

With the powers invested in me by the randomness of the Internet, I hereby rename this corner, Carb Heaven Park.

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Kaboom Box (formerly Fresh Local Wild)

Friday was a good day to eat my box lunch, but I didn't. I took advantage of the rain stopping for a moment to try one of the newest food carts, Fresh Local Wild (now The Kaboom Box). I love the information on the website for these guys so I was really looking forward to this lunch. On the site they talk about their concept being health concious and sustainable. Great. I also heard they have a chanterelle mushroom poutine. Even better.

They are located on the corner of Granville and Robson, in front of the Sears. They have a bright red trailer with a huge fish painted on the side.

freshlocalwild 001

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Meat & Bread

I will start with high-falutin quote:
"Too few people understand a really good sandwich."
James Beard

My love of food wrapped in dough has sent me to many a sandwich shop. I have been without a favorite sandwich shop since So.Cial Custom Butcher Shop and Deli closed it's doors. Enter Meat &Bread.

meatandbread 008

Friday, October 22, 2010

Twisted Fork Bistro

A tale of two brunches, Part Two- Twisted Fork Bistro

Sarah gave me some sunchokes that she grew in her downtown garden plot last week. During the handover I mentioned that I was going for brunch on Sunday with Yvette. Sarah told me that her favorite brunch place was the Twisted Fork Bistro on Granville Street.

"You need to get there early because there is always a line up. It is a bit of a hidden gem so don't go telling everyone about it", she told me. "Of course I said, I won't tell anyone.".

Well Sarah, that was a lie. I went, there was a line up, and the food was amazing so I am going to tell the world!. Sorry, sugar.

Photo from the Scout Magazine set on flickr (mine did not turn out)
Twisted Fork Bistro

Monday, October 18, 2010

Three Lions Cafe

A tale of two brunches, part one- Saturday.

It was a beautiful Vancouver weekend for brunching. Luckily for me, I received two invitations for brunch on the weekend. Happily for me, they picked a different day and both invitations involved shopping! These are a few of my favorite things...

The Saturday brunch invitation was from Wendy. It was baby/daddy bonding day for Gabs and Rocket so Wendy and I left them sitting the couch watching football on the computer. Wendy wanted to do some shopping on Main Street and suggested the Locus for breakfast. I like the Locus' food enough, but Big M and I were there fairly recently. So we went to the Three Lions Cafe.

three lions 001

Friday, October 15, 2010

Restaurants: Sweeney's of Yaletown

Another beautiful fall day in Vancouver led to another search for an awesome lunchtime Yaletown adventure. Today I was in the mood for a sandwich. I did consider some street food but I was still cold from my bike ride to work in the morning so I went for a sit down joint.

Today's lunch was Sweeney's of Yaletown. I like to troll the restaurant twitters on Urbanspoon to see what everyone is offering for lunch specials. Sweeney's was offering spicy beef chili with black beans and a slice of fresh focaccia for $8.50. I can't eat chili but it sounded intriguing enough to check out their website.

Sweeney's motto is "slow food-fast". The website stated they use environmentally friendly products (their takeout containers can be composted), and the food is made to order from local ingredients whenever possible. Sounds great to me! They do offer the menu online so you can go prepared.

Sweeney 001

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Vegetarian French Dinner Party

On a recent dinner date, LL made a comment along the lines of "well, you eat out a lot", which made me ponder.  Aside from lunch, I don't really eat out all that often.  I used to eat out a lot, Pre-JC, and I do eat out more now with the blog, but I really do a lot of more of my own cooking these days.  I just don't post those pictures because they are not as interesting.  The perfect solution to the boringness of those pictures, video montage!  Look for that here soon as I figure out how to do it....

Or have a dinner party!  It has been a long time since I had a dinner party.  We haven't seen Jay and Robin in probably as long (bigger hermits than Big M and I!)  Done.  Now I can show off some fancy cooking skills that I learned in French cooking class.  To make it extra interesting, Jay is a vegetarian who doesn't eat cheese.  Vegetarian French Dinner Party!  I did make Robin in charge of dessert as she went to pastry school.  I am not going to pass up that opportunity!

It was my search for a veggie-French menu that led me to my new favorite food/recipe site, Epicurious.  I enjoy how this site will offer individual recipes or menus by holiday, party theme or ingredient.  I really love the menus section as they not only list out  the recipes in the menu, many offer an info tab that gives wine parings or timeline tips.  Super helpful. 

After the search was done I chose:
Roasted Garlic Soup with Parmesan
Strawberry Goat Cheese Spring Salad with Dijon Vinaigrette
Wild Mushroom and Leek Galettes
Tomatoes Provencale

Friday, October 8, 2010

Restaurants: Poke'm

Balls! Big M had the day off and it was a gorgeous October 1st, so we decided to try another street food cart. Today's choice: Poke'm on the corner of Hornby and Robson, across from MAC.

pokem 001

The motto at Poke'm "Forget sausages. Go for the balls." Okay! They even have T-Shirts that say that. She said they would be available to purchase soon when they get a website. I totally want one.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Restaurants: Favorites Edition- The Clubhouse

First, some back story.  Big M took some holidays and he came downtown to take me on a lunch date.   I had bought some boots at Army and Navy the day before which I couldn't fit in my bike bag, so I drove the car to work.   Big M rode his bike to meet me.  He rode his bike down the same bike path that I rode my bike down every other day that week.  Except for today. 

Why is that a big deal?  Aside from the obvious health and environmental reasons, it is because on his way home he found $120.00 LYING ON THE BIKE PATH!  I ride that path every day and never have I found any money.  Jealous- Yes.  Jealous x 10 000.  Who was the fool that just stuffed $120.00 in his back pocket so that it could fall out?  If I have $120.00 in cash on my person, it is very safely tucked away in my wallet in a place that I can' t lose it.  Not this guy.  So Big M wins, buys himself some weird keyboard-y synthesizer thing, and takes me to one of our favorite restaurants, The Clubhouse for some sushi.

For years, the Clubhouse has been in the middle of nowhere, but now is in the middle of the Olympic village and hipster town on west 2nd beside the Party Bazaar. I am not really sure what it was before the Clubhouse, but from the decor on the inside, I would guess some sort of Italian, golf theme restaurant. There are golf murals on the wall and great Italian style pillars throughout the restaurant.

Clubhouse 001

I would describe it as eclectic. Big M says the owner of the restaurant was the guy who opened the Eatery. They added a signature wall by the bathroom and a wall full of patron photos to the golf murals and called it good. I like it.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Restaurants: Favorites Edition- Green Bamboo

Pho is an awesome food concept. Dinner in soup with noodles- props, Vietnam.

My first Pho, strangely, was in Calgary with my brother. I have been on the search for my favorite bowl in Vancouver ever since. Currently, that is at the Green Bamboo in Burnaby.

Big M started a job on Kingsway in the Metrotown area last year. His goal: try every Pho restaurant in the area. That is a lofty project. Worthy of it's own blog. He made it to two. He stopped because the Green Bamboo is that awesome.

Greenbamboo 002

Friday, October 1, 2010

Restaurants: X-Site Grill. Blog Crossover Edition- Lez Reno-date!

On Tuesday, Big M and I went for dinner with the lovely ladies from Lez Renovate, LL and Cool J. It made me realize that I need a cool nickname. Big M, LL, Cool J and Heather-The Hammer?

Cool J had been recommending that we try the X-Site Grill for sometime as it is up in our hood of NoBu. The X-Site is a favorite of LL's because it features a $4.95 lunch and a $6.95 dinner special. In fact, everything on the menu is under $10.00! They serve a selection of burgers, 2 types of steaks, some pastas and souvlaki. They also have a rotating drink special where the drinks are between $2.00-$4.00.

Xsite 006

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Restaurants: Kimono Koi Crepes

The idea for today's lunch is thanks to the magic of the internet. It was a typical morning. The alarm goes off, I jump out of bed bright-eyed and ready to face the day. Make myself an exciting breakfast of flocons de maïs aux bleuets, tune the radio to the CBC Early Edition and fire up the laptop. A quick check of the email and one from Twitter tells me that Kimono Koi Crepes (@Kimonokoicrepes) is now following me. Fun! I love when strangers follow me! Today's lunch was decided.

Kimono Koi Crepes is another of the new street carts in the downtown area. They are in front of the Skytrain entrance at Georgia and Granville. If they decide to give out street cart awards, Kimono Koi will certainly win for cutest cart.

kimonokoi 001

I had a great success at PanDa Fresh Bakery so I was pretty excited to try another truck. They were just setting up as I arrived at the corner. I asked how long it would take to set up the truck and he said about 20 minutes. No problem, I can come back in 20 minutes. I then realized that I don't own a watch or a cell phone so I have no way to determine the passage of time.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Restaurants: Deacon's Corner

Big M and I went downtown on Sunday to the Word on the Street festival. I love a good CBC event. I am sure Big M went to make sure that I didn't run away with Jian Ghomeshi.

Turns out that I had my timing wrong and we (I) didn't get to see him. But I did get a new CBC pen. Close enough.

Since we were downtown and I was hungry, we went back to Deacon's Corner for some brunch. We had gone with Wendy, Gabs and Rocket a couple of weeks ago but I forgot my camera. A good excuse to go back.  It was about 1:30 so the breakfast rush had finished and we were seated right away at a booth.


Friday, September 24, 2010

Restaurants: 100 Days

I love the idea of pop up restaurants.  I was listening to a podcast the other day about Ludo Lefebvre and his super hip pop up restaurant in LA.

During my wandering of Yaletown the other day I passed 100 Days in the Opus Hotel. This was during my $10.00 lunch search so I didn't stop but I did go back to the office and google.

100 days 012

100 days 013

There is some information on their website about the concept but I could find very little on who the restaurant owners or the Chef were. They do mention the artist who did the design in the restaurant. I asked the waitress how many of the 100 days were left and she said they opened on Aug 27th and the big "closing" would be on New Years Eve. She said that the owners decided to do a pop up style restaurant while they were working on the renovation idea for the restaurant that will take over after the 100 days is up- so they have popped up in their own space while they work on the main redesign.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Restaurants: The Irish Heather- Longtable Series.

Hipster food destination 2 and 3 of yesterday. Funny that I didn't realize that the people who own the Irish Heather also own the Acme Cafe.

The lovely Sarah and I decided we needed to hang out since I haven't seen her since the wedding. She chose the Longtable series at the Irish Heather. I hadn't been to the Irish Heather since it had moved across the street and I had heard about the Longtable series and really wanted to go. We decided to meet at Shebeen for drinks first since I like to be seen at as many hip joints as I can in one night.

longtable 015

We decided to invite along some good lookin' fellas to join us.

longtable 016

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Restaurants: Acme Cafe

Today I mailed my back taxes and renewed my passport. Hooray for me! To celebrate I am having Hipster Food Day. First stop: lunch at Acme Cafe.

I have wanted to go here for a long time but it is just far enough away from my office that I don't think I could make it there and back in an hour. I didn't know how fast the seating and service would be either. Today I rode my bike to the passport office so I was in the area.

I love the look of this restaurant. Some booth seating, lots of bar and window seats, an exposed brick wall and an open kitchen. With a lovely assortment of downtown office hipsters populating those seats. Here is my artsy picture.

acmecafe 002

I sat at some window seating which I liked because I could watch my bike. This is still East Hastings... Has anyone else noticed all the "I (We) love you" grafitti downtown? This one was across the street. I like it. Happy.

acmecafe 003

Monday, September 20, 2010

Restaurants: Cafe Bon Appetit at the Bay

My favorite part of eating lunch at the restaurant on the 6Th floor of the Bay downtown- being the youngest person in the room. I was the youngest, hippest person there. That doesn't happen that often anymore!

Bay 001

The blue-hairs are definitely on to something. This place is a gem. They offer what you would expect them to offer and then some surprises. It is laid out cafeteria style. There is an excellent looking salad bar for $1.69 per 100g. They had about 5 soups, muffins, sushi, paninis, a hamburger bar and a hot lunch counter.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Restaurants: White Spot (Gilmore)

I have a complicated history with the White Spot.

As a child we lived in Delta and I LOVED the Pirate Pack. Who didn't love the Pirate Pack? As a young adult, I worked at a theatre (now a parking lot) by the White Spot on Georgia. We ate there quite often- until I got an intestinal infection.

Funny aside, sort of- I walked into the clinic to talk about the stomach problems I was having. The Doc asked me where I had eaten and I said the White Spot. He immediately wrote me a prescription without asking any other questions. Not his first undercooked White Spot burger experience, I guessed. That was my last White Spot experience for about 10 years.

Big M and I then moved to NoBu and there is a White Spot down the hill. We started eating there again. In fact, we got engaged at that White Spot. More specifically, we had a semi-drunken conversation about what we see as the next step in our relationship and came to the agreement that marriage it was. Ah, the romance.

So we have had our ups and downs, the White Spot and I. I like their food enough, they do a good burger, but I find them overpriced for what they offer. One time we went for pancakes and they said they had "run out" of pancakes. More specifically, they had run out of the pancake mix sent from Head Office and the cooks were not authorized to mix together some flour and water to make a home made pancake. They would just rather not serve them at all. The chain restaurant mentality. Don't think outside the premade-pancake-mix box.

Mom loves the White Spot burger and we always go for a burger when she is in town.


I do enjoy their salad. I like the mix of sunflower seeds and cranberries.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Restaurants: PanDa Fresh Bakery

Today I was lazy and decided that I would take myself out for another lunchtime adventure! Of course, today was the day that I forgot my wallet at home. I realized that in line for coffee this morning. So it was office drip coffee and no lunch for me.

Thankfully I told my boss my sob story and she lent me $10.00! Hooray! This called for something special, a lunch time challenge. I decided to try to get lunch for under $10.00 in Yaletown!

I walked down a street that I hadn't tried before and quickly realized that I could get something for around $7-8 in some of the sit down restaurants, but that would leave about $1.00 for a tip. I didn't want to be that person, especially in Yaletown. I decided a take out or sandwich joint would be the best option so I rounded Pacific and saw the perfect answer, a food truck! The PanDa Fresh Bakery food truck to be exact! My first food truck was the perfect way to spend the $10.00.

PanDa 001

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Restaurants: Me & Eds Burnaby

I suffer from lunch envy. No matter what I bring myself for lunch at work, someone else's lunch looks better. Today a co-worker was having pizza. Pizza. Sigh. That got me to thinking about my favorite pizza joint, Me & Eds Pizza Parlor in Burnaby.

I did have pizza on Friday after Yvette and I had a beer or two down at the Railway Club. I came home *totally sober* and Michael took pity on me and we ordered some Panago. He offer to get Me & Eds but I was too impatient. I should have waited because I love that pizza.

Our first trip to the Me & Eds parlor was the day we found out that Big M had been laid off from eBay. We went back when he got his new job and then again to celebrate his promotion. We have also had celebration delivery when we finally hauled the couch onto the patio. And sorry Vancouver, they only deliver in Burnaby and the Tri-Cities. For some reason, it is also the most controversial of my Facebook albums.

I can't remember the last time I was actually inside a pizza parlor before going here. Who does that anymore? Remember the old sit down KFCs? I love the inside of Me & Eds, it is exactly what you expect a pizza parlor to be.