Friday, October 8, 2010

Restaurants: Poke'm

Balls! Big M had the day off and it was a gorgeous October 1st, so we decided to try another street food cart. Today's choice: Poke'm on the corner of Hornby and Robson, across from MAC.

pokem 001

The motto at Poke'm "Forget sausages. Go for the balls." Okay! They even have T-Shirts that say that. She said they would be available to purchase soon when they get a website. I totally want one.

The concept behind Poke'm is that you choose your balls and then choose your sauce in any combination that you want. The balls are all Asian style and offer a variety of meat, fish and tofu:

poke'm 004

Then you have your choice of sauces:

poke'm menu

We placed our order and were given a number. I found this amusing because we were the only people ordering.

poke'm 003

This is where my one complaint would come in. It was not fast. We waited about 10 minutes or so for the balls. Not a problem because we were the only ones waiting but what if we were 3rd in line? Would it have taken that much longer?

I ordered the fish fritter balls with Caribbean sauce and the beef balls with Vietnamese sauce.

poke'm 009

First off, I was so impressed with the presentation! I was expecting some balls with some sauce squirted on top. I loved the fresh ingredients added to the sauces and toppings. The smell was incredible.

I was a bit surprised by the texture of the fish ball. I don't know why I wasn't expecting this style of ball instead of flakier fish.

poke'm 011

I tried the Caribbean one first. It was surprisingly spicy. I think my favorite of the two was the Vietnamese. The nut pieces and combination of fresh and fried onions really impressed me.

Big M had the beef balls with Korean sauce and the chicken balls with the Japanese sauce.

poke'm 010

Look at all the toppings on the balls! Given my weirdness factor of seaweed, I don't think the Japanese would be for me but I loved the shredded pork on the Korean sauce.

The balls were so good. They are a bit hard to eat as street food. We went and sat down by the Art Gallery to eat our balls. My suggestion to the cart is to give away some wet wipes like they do with KFC as it was a bit sticky.

When we were ordering we were worried that it wouldn't be enough food, but it was the perfect amount. We even had enough room for dessert.

poke'm 012

I am a balls convert. Highly recommended.  Balls.

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