Friday, October 1, 2010

Restaurants: X-Site Grill. Blog Crossover Edition- Lez Reno-date!

On Tuesday, Big M and I went for dinner with the lovely ladies from Lez Renovate, LL and Cool J. It made me realize that I need a cool nickname. Big M, LL, Cool J and Heather-The Hammer?

Cool J had been recommending that we try the X-Site Grill for sometime as it is up in our hood of NoBu. The X-Site is a favorite of LL's because it features a $4.95 lunch and a $6.95 dinner special. In fact, everything on the menu is under $10.00! They serve a selection of burgers, 2 types of steaks, some pastas and souvlaki. They also have a rotating drink special where the drinks are between $2.00-$4.00.

Xsite 006

We couldn't help comparing the X-site to the Brave Bull. Both are local favorites that offer cheap meats. Both have decorating and theme issues.

Xsite 002

The X-Site has a dark, pub like feeling upon entering. There is a bunch of bamboo and a bonsai tree on the bar.  On the wall there is a giant, bronze, gong-like sculpture with "X-Site" inscribed on it and back lit with fluorescent lights. Further down the bar is some hanging chili peppers and garlic. On the opposing wall is a collection of those fake French, Moulin Rouge posters. The plates have a Mexican and chili pepper design. To pick the proper bathroom, you can choose the door with the picture of Popeye or the picture of Olive Oyl.

It was also packed with people. Every seat in the seat in the house was taken; which I hear is common. We missed the $6.95 steak night as that was Monday. The Tuesday $6.95 special was the Gourmet Burger and the drink special was a Caesar for $3.50. The burger specials come with a salad and potatoes. They have about 6 or 7 burgers that you can choose from for the Gourmet Burger. Cool J and I chose the bacon, mushroom burger.

Xsite 003

I really liked that the potatoes were boiled instead of fried. I thought it was an interesting touch. The salad had a balsamic vinaigrette. Big M did not like the potatoes, he prefers fries with his burger. He had the Havarti burger. He also didn't want to mess up his plate with those pesky vegetables, so he had extra potatoes instead of salad.

Xsite 005

LL ordered the peppercorn steak dinner for $9.95. The other type of steak available is a teriyaki steak.

Xsite 004

They give you a lot of food at the X-Site. I really liked my burger. It seemed to be fresh made, the bun and the toppings were really fresh. You can't get a meal like that for $6.95 anywhere else, I can see why the restaurant is always busy.  

Cool J also informed us that they have a secret desert menu.  They don' t have it in printed form, but will tell you what they have when asked.  Insider dessert $4.50.  We shared some cakes. 

A chocolate Cake for Lez Reno:
Xsite 008

And a Mocha cake for Big M and me:
Xsite 007

The cakes had been frozen, ours was still a little cold, but they were tasty and I liked the effort put into presentation.

In the end we had 1 Caesar, 5 beers, 3 burgers, 1 Steak and 2 pieces of cake.  Total bill.... $60.00.  Great deal.  I am going to go out on a limb and pick X-site over the Brave Bull House of Steaks.

Thanks for the Lez Renodate! I will bring some food by your next shoot... What would Martha Stewart serve at a demolition?

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