Monday, November 29, 2010

Irish Heather Long Table- Second Visit.

I have been sitting on this dinner story for a couple of months. Cast your mind back to September when Sarah, Toby, Big M and I went for dinner at the Irish Heather for the Long Table Series. We had a fine time, the food was good but we didn't feel like we received the full Long Table experience of eating and talking with strangers, possibly making new friends. The Hammer made for a good story, but I don't want to be his friend. I also ended up with the empty seat next to me. So we decided to go back again to try to have that magical evening we knew was available there.

Big M made us reservations for short rib night.
Braised Beef Short Ribs With Roast Parsnips & Horseradish Jus
16oz Pint Of Driftwood Ale $17

irishheather2 001

The short ribs were great, that is not where our tale is. Our story starts with the seating.

We met up in the restaurant for a pre-dinner drink. They rang the bell (which I still love) and we all went in to sit. Big M and I sat on one side and Toby and Sarah put their glasses down across from us and then walked around the table to go sit.

During their walk around the table a really important guy wearing a blue-tooth and carrying an Ipad sat down in the seat with Sarah's glass. We felt he must not have seen the glass and that we had saved that seat. Nope, turns out that he did in fact see it and just didn't care. We told him we had saved the seat and he replied with "whatever I didn't see it, I'm sitting here". We were so surprised and continued to argue with him during which time his dinner companions completely ignored the situation. Did not even look at him or us. He directed his Mom and Dad to sit down across from him.

The really nice group on the other side of us noticed this argument and offered to move down to let us sit together. I was pretty pissed off at blue tooth guy so as we were all moving down (with an empty seat left beside me, again!) I told the guy that he didn't need to be such an asshole about it. His response was "Fuck you". He then went back to talk to his MOM AND DAD.

My favorite part of the story was when 2 minutes later, after everyone was seated and we had stopped talking to him, he turned to his MOM AND DAD and said, "she would be able to talk to me like that if she was pretty, but since she is not, she can't talk to me like that".

My first (internal) reaction to that was "yeah, well at least you can't call me fat! Ha!".

He then went on to play on his Ipad, use his Iphone and the rest of his party did not talk to anyone at all. Why would you go to an event like this if you were going to be a jerk and not talk to anyone else at all? Why not just get a regular table? I guess when you are as important as blue tooth guy you want to show that to as many strangers as possible?

It was a weird night. That did not stop us from ordering dessert though.

irishheather2 002

Apple pie. I love individual little pies. Makes me feel like a giant.

irishheather2 003


irishheather2 004

Chocolate cheesecake. This was sooooo good.

So. Yet again, not the long table experience we had hoped for. We couldn't leave it at that. Blue tooth guy would not win. We booked again for November.

To be continued.....

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