Friday, October 22, 2010

Twisted Fork Bistro

A tale of two brunches, Part Two- Twisted Fork Bistro

Sarah gave me some sunchokes that she grew in her downtown garden plot last week. During the handover I mentioned that I was going for brunch on Sunday with Yvette. Sarah told me that her favorite brunch place was the Twisted Fork Bistro on Granville Street.

"You need to get there early because there is always a line up. It is a bit of a hidden gem so don't go telling everyone about it", she told me. "Of course I said, I won't tell anyone.".

Well Sarah, that was a lie. I went, there was a line up, and the food was amazing so I am going to tell the world!. Sorry, sugar.

Photo from the Scout Magazine set on flickr (mine did not turn out)
Twisted Fork Bistro

Yvette and I went for brunch at 12:00 on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. We were supposed to be a trio but someone, *coughLizacough*, had a bit too much fun on Saturday night and couldn't make it downtown in time. Noon is not the smartest time to show up at a popular restaurant. When I put my name down on the list the hostess said the wait was about an hour. It is not a very large restaurant but they have some bar seating and lots of tables for 2 so we decided to give the line a try. In the end, it was only about 25 minutes. Win!

Brunch is $11.00, no matter what option you choose. They have a nice selection of fun morning drinks that are all $8.00. For some reason, that really appeals to me. I like the simplicity and knowing how much you are going to spend ahead of time. If you order coffee, they serve it in a french press. As a coffee snob, I approve.

We started with the fresh baked scones with jam and cream- $3.50

twisted fork 004

They came to the table piping hot and were so light and fluffy. The waitress said the jam was a watermelon jam that they make on site. There is an entire wall of jam by the bathroom that is for sale. Not in fancy store jars either, but in jars that looks like your grandmother made them. I think they were $18.00. We loved the scones.

Yvette is a veggie and they had a few options on the menu. She forgot to ask if the baked beans were veggie so we just assumed they were.

Baked Beans on Toast with grated aged white cheddar and topped with poached eggs, served with roasted tomatoes and sauteed spinach

twisted fork 006

She said it was quite good. I liked the addition of the salad as a side instead of potatoes.

I was still thinking about Wendy's stuffed french toast from Three Lions the day before so that is what I ordered.

Banana stuffed brioche french toast sprinkled with cinnamon and icing sugar and a side of maple syrup whipped cream

twisted fork 005

It was the right choice! The serving size was gigantic. I loved the fruit on the side and the banana filling. The syrup looked good in the shot glass but it was really difficult to pour. I ended up getting it all over my hands and I don't like being sticky. That was the only downside in an otherwise super awesome brunch. I took half the french toast home and had it for breakfast on Monday morning.   Then we did some shopping on Granville.

Next time I go, and there will be a next time, I will try to get their earlier. Not a place to go if you are a large group, the wait would be quite long, but a perfect place for an intimate and really good breakfast for two.

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