Monday, December 13, 2010

Commune Cafe- Blog Crossover Edition!

Friday I went for lunch with a couple of coworkers- one a fellow blogger, to Commune Cafe on the edge of Yaletown.

The Commune Cafe has been on my radar for a while as they have a communal table (see name of joint) and I love sandwiches. Their website says they "are proud to offer natural free-range meats & eggs, organic produce, milk products and 100% sustainable seafood-locally sourced. We only use environmentally friendly cleaning supplies, recyclable and compostable take out containers. COMMUNE CAFE is a member of Greentable & Oceanwise"

All good things! Let's go Comrades!

communecafe 006

I really like the motto of "those who eat together stay together". The inside is all red, white and black with a giant communal table and then some booths. They have a really nice patio that would be great in the summer. A large board above the counter has the menu. They have a really good looking selection of sandwiches and quite a few vegetarian options.

My favorite part of the decor is actually the number you get when waiting for your sandwich.

communecafe 001

Fun! I now know the answer for two of my coworkers. Another topic we discussed was about best music concert (Barry Manilow. Seriously. He puts on a great show)

Amanda and Meredith went for veggie sandwich options.

communecafe 004

She also ordered the carrot ginger soup. She said it was a good sandwich and soup, not mind blowing.

Amanda had another veggie option:

communecafe 005

I was a little jealous of this one, it looked really good. She enjoyed it as well.

I chose:
communecafe 003

Looked fantastic and tasted great but it was quite hard to eat. I liked that each sandwich had a different choice of bread. I wouldn't choose and sandwich with this type of bread next time. They toasted all of the edges so that it was really difficult to bite into. I was also a little uncertain about the pink sauce, a cranberry sauce I think.

I enjoyed the lunch. I really liked the inside of the restaurant, the staff were friendly and the sandwiches are good. Thanks to the conversation starters, we never ran out of things to talk about! As a bonus, the website offers online ordering and free delivery within a 1km radius- with orders of $50.00 or more. A nice option for office workers in winter!

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  1. Looks Great! I will have to pop by for lunch sometime. Have you ever heard of the Green Zebra coupon book? Its right up your alley.