Thursday, September 23, 2010

Restaurants: The Irish Heather- Longtable Series.

Hipster food destination 2 and 3 of yesterday. Funny that I didn't realize that the people who own the Irish Heather also own the Acme Cafe.

The lovely Sarah and I decided we needed to hang out since I haven't seen her since the wedding. She chose the Longtable series at the Irish Heather. I hadn't been to the Irish Heather since it had moved across the street and I had heard about the Longtable series and really wanted to go. We decided to meet at Shebeen for drinks first since I like to be seen at as many hip joints as I can in one night.

longtable 015

We decided to invite along some good lookin' fellas to join us.

longtable 016

The long table series is such a cool idea. We were the first ones there for the evening so the hostess asked us if we wanted to sit at the 4 top to the side of the long table. We said no, we want the long table. Seems like a funny idea to go to an event where the idea is to sit at a giant communal table and then sit to the side of it. As Sarah said, "If I wanted to sit at a table for 4 I would go to any restaurant in the city".

They rounded everyone up and sent us to pre-dinner drinks at Shebeen. Then the owner came along and rang a bell to call us all into dinner. So we all filed into the long table room and had a seat.

longtable 014

Half the fun of this night is to see who your neighbours will be. Somehow we ended up at the end of the table so we only had neighbours to the right. We sat across from a couple guys, one who had been before and one who hadn't. I can't remember their names except that one is some type of lawyer that is referred to by the people at his office as "THE HAMMER". I now want everyone to refer to me as THE HAMMER. The seat next to me was empty for the first while.

Then the Chef came out and told us about the dinner we were having and the drink that they had paired with it.

Wednesday, September 22, 630pm. $15
Roast Suckling Pig, Apple-Rosemary Sauce, Braised Cabbage &; Potatoes
16oz Pint Orchard Hill Cider

longtable 011

(that is THE HAMMER in the background)

I was a bit worried that they were going to do a table side carving of the pig. I guess for times sake, and to my relief, they didn't. Hard to serve 40 people when you are carving plate to plate.

The dinner was really good. I liked the salty, crispy skin on the pork. As the Chef said, what goes better with pork than apples? Yum. I even ate the cabbage because it tasted better than any other cabbage that has been presented to me. I enjoyed the cider as well, but I am a cider fan.  The bartender described it as less sugar and carbs than a Strongbow when he was telling me about it. I guess I now look like someone who will choose drinks like that. And it is true, I do.

longtable 012

About halfway through dinner a latecomer showed up and sat in the chair next to me. The rest of her group was at the other end of the table. She ordered the vegetarian option for the night and was nice enough to let me take a picture before she started eating.

Herb Gnocchi With White Onion Puree, Butternut Squash & Shaved Parmesan

longtable 013

A great deal for the price. We also ordered a bit of desert, a lemon trifle and a chocolate mousse.

longtable 017

I loved that the trifle was served in a jar. I also like that we were the last ones there.

longtable 018

I can't wait to go back to another Longtable. I am sad that the short ribs night is sold out because that menu sounds awesome. I hope they continue to have the Longtable over the winter. Thanks Sarah for planning an awesome evening food, drinks and making new friends. Like THE HAMMER.

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