Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Restaurants: PanDa Fresh Bakery

Today I was lazy and decided that I would take myself out for another lunchtime adventure! Of course, today was the day that I forgot my wallet at home. I realized that in line for coffee this morning. So it was office drip coffee and no lunch for me.

Thankfully I told my boss my sob story and she lent me $10.00! Hooray! This called for something special, a lunch time challenge. I decided to try to get lunch for under $10.00 in Yaletown!

I walked down a street that I hadn't tried before and quickly realized that I could get something for around $7-8 in some of the sit down restaurants, but that would leave about $1.00 for a tip. I didn't want to be that person, especially in Yaletown. I decided a take out or sandwich joint would be the best option so I rounded Pacific and saw the perfect answer, a food truck! The PanDa Fresh Bakery food truck to be exact! My first food truck was the perfect way to spend the $10.00.

PanDa 001

This truck is my food wrapped in dough dream come true. They specialize in food you can serve in a croissant. Ice cream in a croissant, jam in a croissant, eggs in a croissant and sandwiches in a croissant. The croissants are baked fresh on the bus in a oven. Perfect.

There was a sign in the window that said the special of the day was a Macaroni and Cheese croissant. Did they read my mind? It was like angels began to sing. The server said they were replacing the smoked salmon croissant with the mac and cheese croissant. I told him that was a great idea as creamy smoked fish weirds me out. What would this heavenly creation look like? This is the preparation:

PanDa 002

and this is the payoff. Can you hear the angels?

PanDa 003

They are located just in front of David Lam park. So really, it is a mac and cheese croissant with a view.

PanDa 004

I finished the heavenly creation and went back to the truck and professed my undying love to the kid who made the sandwich, sorry Big M. He said they also made the mac and cheese from scratch. It is possible that I loved this crazy creation so much because this is the first time I have had mac and cheese since I started with JC 2 and a half years ago. Or it was just the best sandwich idea ever.

I can't wait to try the ice cream in a croissant. I am a bit worried that I will turn into the crazy lady in the park eating 20 croissants and swaying, but it might be worth it.

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  1. hey thanks for this review I have walked by the Panda Bakery truck but was n 't adventurous to take a risk and try it out.

  2. The ice cream in a croissant is magical. You can get two flavours AND mini marshmallows AND/OR red bean paste! I had chocolate and green tea with marshmallows and sat on the seawall one afternoon. It was great. :)

  3. Hey Heather (haha), we're so glad that you enjoyed our mac & cheese croissant! The person who you pictured is my younger brother who is also my business partner (today happened to be my day off). We have many more ideas to come and I hope you'll try them all. For the savoury croissants our idea is to alternate items every 2 weeks or so. We also love hearing ideas from others so if you have any just shoot them our way!

    ps. We're on twitter (@PanDaBakery) and facebook so look out for us!

  4. Holy crap! A mac and cheese croissant? Does Jax know about this? I don't know if its a great idea that Jax knows of this. She'll blow all our reno money of them! Seriously!

  5. Only a few people know but you heard it here first, the next idea (still working) will probably be mashed potatoes and gravy!

  6. Fever - I went today and just about died. MOST DELICIOUS THING EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. PanDa Fresh Bakery will be filmed for the upcoming new show 'Eat Street' on Food Network Canada.

    They'll be shooting from 11-2.

    Good chance to support PanDa and get on national TV

  8. I definitely need the mac 'n cheese one....