Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Restaurants: Kimono Koi Crepes

The idea for today's lunch is thanks to the magic of the internet. It was a typical morning. The alarm goes off, I jump out of bed bright-eyed and ready to face the day. Make myself an exciting breakfast of flocons de maïs aux bleuets, tune the radio to the CBC Early Edition and fire up the laptop. A quick check of the email and one from Twitter tells me that Kimono Koi Crepes (@Kimonokoicrepes) is now following me. Fun! I love when strangers follow me! Today's lunch was decided.

Kimono Koi Crepes is another of the new street carts in the downtown area. They are in front of the Skytrain entrance at Georgia and Granville. If they decide to give out street cart awards, Kimono Koi will certainly win for cutest cart.

kimonokoi 001

I had a great success at PanDa Fresh Bakery so I was pretty excited to try another truck. They were just setting up as I arrived at the corner. I asked how long it would take to set up the truck and he said about 20 minutes. No problem, I can come back in 20 minutes. I then realized that I don't own a watch or a cell phone so I have no way to determine the passage of time.

Solution- go into Sears and buy a watch.

kimonokoi 002

Lucky for me Sears was having a sale and all watches were 35% off. Like it was meant to be.

Back to the truck and we are ready to go. They have 3 types of crepes- savory, sweet and ice cream. A small note on the truck says that the ice cream crepes are done for the season.

kimonokoi 004
kimonokoi 003

They had sample crepes set up so that you could see what fillings you could get. The cheesecake and strawberries looked tempting but I went for a savory and had the cheese and ham.

kimonokoi 006

The smell of the crepe while she was making it was fantastic. Now I really want a crepe maker. Good think Christmas is coming, right Big M?

kimonokoi 007

My crepe was made with a couple of pieces of ham, 2 slices of processed cheese, pineapple pieces, lettuce and mayo. The pineapple was a nice touch to the savory sandwich. Then she wrapped it all up in a pink paper holder and I was on my way.

kimonokoi 008

It was a perfect portable lunch.  The crepe was light and delicious and I enjoyed the sweet pineapple with the ham and cheese.   They really took care with the assembly and presentation.   The cart owner said they had been there for a couple of weeks and that the cheesecake crepe was the most popular item so far.  No doubt.  He asked how I heard about the cart and I related the Twitter story.  He said he had spent the morning trying to figure out how to use Twitter.  I told him it was successful.

Thanks Computer!

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  1. I used google to try and determine exactly what you ate for breakfast and the results were as follows: your blog and then a whole bunch of french stuff.

    What the heck is "flocons de maïs aux bleuets"?

  2. Ha. It is my fancy way of saying Corn Flakes with Blueberries. Fancying up breakfast, yo.

  3. Hi, thank you very much for blogging our cart! I am so happy that you liked our crepe! It's encouraging to see your article! See you around! Chris from Kimono Koi Crepes!

  4. How many new food stands have you tried? They are all interesting!

  5. On my first visit I decided to try one of my favorite flavor combos - green tea ice-cream with red bean paste - and it was DELICIOUS! The crepe was just what I look for in one, it was soft, not too sweet and it complimented all the flavors. On my second visit I had the strawberry brownie one, and it was just as good, although the green-tea, red bean one is still my fave! All together I would give this place 5 stars for great street food and service.

  6. Nice watch!And......the ring:) !!!

  7. I agree with the service rating! They were so friendly. I haven't tried a sweet crepe yet as the ice cream ones weren't available when I went. I really want to try the brownie!

  8. Both Brownie and Cheesecake crepes are fantastic!

  9. Best crepes in town!