Wednesday, December 22, 2010

FRESH Japanese Restaurant

In between sandwiches last week I went for sushi. I have a regular sushi spot but decided to go a new place that is closer to me, FRESH Japanese Restaurant. I really like how FRESH is capitalized. A much more appetizing name than DAY-OLD Japanese Restaurant.

freshsushi 003

I think that most of the traffic for this restaurant must be local as it is at the end of the Cambie St bridge. Not a lot of parking or walk by traffic there, but a bunch of condos.

The inside of the restaurant is fancier than most of the sushi shops up Robson, but they are in Yaletown. It has a burgundy and black theme with a fireplace and loft ceilings. On the day that I went there were a couple of office workers like me and a whole bunch of construction workers from the BC Place (is that still the name?) construction site. I really liked the juxtaposition of big burly construction workers eating delicate sushi using chopsticks. I don't know why I found the visual so amusing, but it was so Vancouver.

Since this was my first visit, and the price was right, I decided to treat myself to some gyoza. I love gyoza.

freshsushi 001

5 gyoza for $3.99 was a great deal. They tasted  like the regular gyoza you can get anywhere, but I haven't had them for a while so I was quite happy. I really love gyoza sauce. I would rather have gyoza sauce than soy sauce. Tangier. These ones could have been cooked a little longer as they were barely brown on the bottom, but still tasty.

I like going for the combos at sushi restaurants so I chose the California Combo of California roll, ebi, tuna, salmon -1 piece each - for $6.99.

freshsushi 002

The fish was really FRESH, as advertised. My issue with ebi is the tail fins. Why are they always left on? Do I take them off before I eat, do I spit them out after I have eaten? Should I eat them? Where are the instructions? My favorite was the piece of tuna- it was perfect. The california roll had too much mayo for my liking, but not terrible amounts.

What I really like about their menu is that they indicate which rolls come with mayo or raw fish/roe. Handy for me as I am still a sushi novice and try to avoid roe. It is the texture- the popping freaks me out. Like the tapioca balls in bubble tea... freaky.

FRESH sushi was nice and fairly good value but it didn't blow my mind. It is the closest sushi to me and I will probably go back before my office moves to Georgia St.

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