Monday, September 20, 2010

Restaurants: Cafe Bon Appetit at the Bay

My favorite part of eating lunch at the restaurant on the 6Th floor of the Bay downtown- being the youngest person in the room. I was the youngest, hippest person there. That doesn't happen that often anymore!

Bay 001

The blue-hairs are definitely on to something. This place is a gem. They offer what you would expect them to offer and then some surprises. It is laid out cafeteria style. There is an excellent looking salad bar for $1.69 per 100g. They had about 5 soups, muffins, sushi, paninis, a hamburger bar and a hot lunch counter.

The hot lunch had such items as roast beef dinner, veal dinner, hot turkey dinner and a rotating lunch special. All items at the hot lunch counter come with your choice of side- mashed potatoes or mixed veggies, a dessert and a coffee or tea. All for under $9.99! You had your pick of 3 desserts- jello, some sort of crumble, and a plate with 2 types of squares. Squares! It was like eating lunch at my Grandmother's house. All stations were operated by ladies who looked like my Grandmother.

Today the lunch special was macaroni and cheese. I can't say no to mac and cheese! I also chose the jello and a nice hazelnut cream coffee. Of course, the mixed veggies.

Bay 002

The price was $7.49 + tax. The best part, I got HBC rewards points! 350 points for eating lunch at the Bay. Rewarded for eating macaroni and cheese!

Bay 004

They also have a section of "gourmet food" that wasn't used. It must be for dinner. I will have to back to check that out.

Since it is on the 6Th floor, the view was quite nice.

Bay 008

The food, meh. Not bad. Seasoned as you would expect it to be for seniors. The top of the mac and cheese was dry, but the inside was quite creamy if not extremely tasty.

Bay 007

The mixed vegetables were steamed and plain and the jello was perfect.

Bay 006

Bon Appetit will stay on the lunch rotation, for my ego and for the price. Maybe I will start a blue hair tour...


  1. Interesting! This gives me an excellent idea of a place to take my mom-in-law next time she's in town. I like the pic with your reflection in the window!


  2. Hey if you like cafeterias and nice downtown views you should try the lunchroom at Vancouver Community College on Pender St. The food is made by the students of their culinary arts school so it's usually gourmet and pretty much always good! and cheap!