Thursday, November 4, 2010

Eli's Serious Sausage

The name of the newest food cart/hot dog vendor in town is Eli's Serious Sausage. That name is no joke. Eli is really serious about his sausage- and they are seriously good.

serioussausage 008

Thanks to the magic of Twitter (@eateli), Adele and I went to the cart on opening day. It couldn't have been a nicer day for the grand opening. The cart is located at the corner of David Lam Park across from Pan Da Bakery.   For you out of towners, this is November 1st in Vancouver.

serioussausage 002

With the powers invested in me by the randomness of the Internet, I hereby rename this corner, Carb Heaven Park.

Eli's current menu offers 2 main types of sausages plus a special menu sausage. He also serves knishes, but did not have any on opening day.

serioussausage 007

The combo will get you a natural type soda or water and a small bag of chips. For $2.00 more or $1.00 if you get the special sausage! You can also get this.

serioussausage 009

Eli says they are really popular in Germany. So is Hasselhoff....

We asked Eli about sausages. He said that the sausages are made by a local German sausage maker who has been making sausages here for 20 years and then for 20 years before that in Germany.

The buns, oh the buns. It is a cardamom rosemary bun. Awesome. He said they are made for him by a Polish couple. They have a bakery and they sell these as a dinner bun but make it as a roll especially for Eli. He said that he went to many bakeries and tried many buns before he chose this one. I said that is my dream job.

Adele went with the special sausage of the day which was a Greek sausage with feta. Eli handmade the tzatziki from a recipe that the German sausage maker gave him.

serioussausage 013

She said it was really tasty. The tzatziki was really light and didn't overwhelm the sausage with creaminess.

I went with the Hot Italian sausage with mustard and ranch dressing.

serioussausage 010

The sausage was super tasty, really moist and flavorful. Together with the rosemary cardamom bun it was one of the most tasty street dogs I have ever had.

I like that Eli focuses on the flavour of his product, and the sauces to enhance that flavour instead of the toppings being the star.

Enjoy your sausage with a view!

serioussausage 011

It is nice to have a couple of options in one area. Hooray for street food!

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  1. Awesome post Heather!
    Seriously some serious sausage! (try saying that 10 times in a row quickly)

  2. Its snowing here in Ontario, thanks for the nice pics of Van. I miss coming out.
    And now Im hungry as well.....

  3. Thanks James, seriously. I am still thinking of how much I enjoyed that sausage.

    And Rob- we miss you too- and ha ha for the snow.

  4. Yay! Thanks for a great street lunch date Heather!