Saturday, December 25, 2010

Romer's Burger Bar- Best Birthday Bash.

Okay, bash is sort of an exaggeration but sometimes you have to stretch the truth for some alliteration. Wednesday was Big M's birthday and he wanted to go for an intimate dinner with me to celebrate. (awwwww, shucks). He was undecided of where to go. He wanted nice, but not super fancy and good food but not really pricey. After presenting him with a short list (from my Urbanspoon wish list, might as well kill 2 birds with one party), he chose Romer's Burger Bar on 4th.


Excellent. I have been trying to get here for a while but living in the burbs (for now!) I don't make it over that way very often.

I really like restaurants that focus on one thing, and do it really well. Romer's is that type of place. They serve burgers.  They are a sports bar, there we lots of TVs playing the big game-thank goodness we didn't miss it, but the decor is much nicer than a typical sports place. There are really big booths for six down the side, some bar table type seating in the back and then some tables in the front. Decorated in wood, mirrors and funky wallpaper it feels really warm and inviting.

The bathrooms were really nice as well. Take a trek down the restaurant, past the kitchen, around the corner, down the stairs and there are individual bathrooms with more of the fancy wallpaper and speakers so that you don't miss any important game moments. There is also a really big room down there called the "vault" for private burger parties. Good to know in case we do want to bash it up next time.

I was driving that night so I was quite pleased to see a nice offering of non alcoholic drinks instead of plain sodas. I went with a pomegranate, cranberry, ginger beer splash- $5


It was pretty and had a nice tangy quality to it. Big M went with a raspberry lager. If he had one complaint about the night it would be that he would have liked a bigger beer selection. They had nice, interesting choices on tap that someone obviously put some thought into, but not a whole lot of them.

The menu offers a selection of burgers that their website describes as:
"All-natural Heritage Farms range-fed Angus beef, natural Fraser Valley pork, turkey, free-run chicken or wild salmon flat-top seared for succulent flavour and juiciness. Served on a lightly griddled brioche bun. Amazing garlic olives and pepperoncinis on the side..". I thought all the combinations were very impressive and tasty sounding.

The garlic olives were amazing but I can't comment on the pepperoncinis because I gave mine to Big M. He likes them and I can't eat them so it worked out well.  The word "griddled" makes me laugh.

I ordered the Port and Stilton burger:

$10 Port & Stilton Burger All-natural beef, port-braised onions, creamy Stilton, fresh thyme leaves

As it was Big M's birthday, he went all out and had the Ultimate Kobe Classic:

$20 The Ultimate Kobe Classic- Delectable, mind-blowing: premium Kobe beef, foie gras paté, chanterelle mushrooms, onion strings, truffle mayo, garlic mustard, robust red wine demi-glaze on the side, because it’s that special.

Sides are ordered separately. We decided to go with fries and a salad.

$7-Fresh cut fries with truffle oil and reggiano cheese:

$3 Seasonal Tuscan greens toasted pine nuts, reggiano

My completed plate:


It was awesome. The burger was really juicy and not overcooked. The onion and cheese combination was perfect. I loved the brioche bun- sweet and soft. The fries were my favorite type, not too thick and double fried. I wish I could put truffle oil and reggiano on everything. I didn't even give Big M the choice of fries once I saw that one. The salad was very well dressed with generous portions of cheese.

Big M liked his burger alot. This is the man who ate the $60.00 burger at the Burger Bar in Vegas, so he was well prepared for it. The kobe beef really does make a difference in taste. It was smoother and creamier. I guess that is what hand feeding and massaging cows will get you.

We ate everything. And then we ordered dessert. It was a special occasion after all! We went with the drunken donuts:

$5 Drunken Doughnuts decadently fried, powdered sugar, Kahlua, Nutella, limoncello, maple whisky

Mini doughnuts with booze dipping sauce! Thanks to our waitress for the candles as well.


The bill came out to about $65.00 but that was a great deal for all the food that we ate. One of the best burger experiences I have had since the Burger Bar in Vegas. Well worth the trek into Kitsilano!

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  1. I love this place! Magic Mushroom burger is to die for