Friday, October 15, 2010

Restaurants: Sweeney's of Yaletown

Another beautiful fall day in Vancouver led to another search for an awesome lunchtime Yaletown adventure. Today I was in the mood for a sandwich. I did consider some street food but I was still cold from my bike ride to work in the morning so I went for a sit down joint.

Today's lunch was Sweeney's of Yaletown. I like to troll the restaurant twitters on Urbanspoon to see what everyone is offering for lunch specials. Sweeney's was offering spicy beef chili with black beans and a slice of fresh focaccia for $8.50. I can't eat chili but it sounded intriguing enough to check out their website.

Sweeney's motto is "slow food-fast". The website stated they use environmentally friendly products (their takeout containers can be composted), and the food is made to order from local ingredients whenever possible. Sounds great to me! They do offer the menu online so you can go prepared.

Sweeney 001

It was a quick walk in the sunshine today. The restaurant had a couple of people but wasn't too busy so I went right up to counter to order.

Sweeney 002

I chose:

Beerbrat Rueben- $8.50
Locally made "beerbrat" on pumpernickel with sauted onion, swiss cheese and chipotle mustard

Hooray! I love Beerbrats. I bought some at the Main St Farmer's Market this summer and they were so good. Beer in sausage in a sandwich topped with cheese- GOOD. I was really happy about the fried onions instead of gross sauerkraut in the Reuben.

Sweeney 003

Okay Yaletown. Did you all get together and decide that side dishes weren't cool? That minimalism is where it is at? Down with the french fry? I reread the menu board and saw that you could get a "side" version of their salads for about $2.00 more. Sigh.

Back to what I did get, the Beerbrat Reuben. With the motto of "slow food-fast" I had expected to be waiting for a while for my lunch. Not true! I got the sandwich within 5 minutes of sitting down. That was awesome.

Sweeney 004

And so was the sandwich! The chipotle mustard had an amazing flavour and went so well with the sausage and onions. The sandwich was nice and warm and the onions were cooked to perfection. I like the beer brats because they are not oozing grease like some sausages do.   They used the perfect amount of cheese so it doesn't overwhelm the sandwich.    The chef came out to ask everyone how they liked their food and seem genuinely pleased when I told her that I loved it.  Nice touch.

All told, a great lunch experience. I walked to Yaletown, ordered and ate a tasty sandwich and was out the door by 12:30. Which left me enough time to sit in the sun and read my book. Happy fall!

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  1. Do they do takeout? I did a round of restaurants last sunday looking for lunch, saw this place and even though their hours said they were supposed to be open, they were closed :( will try again. Settled on Basil Pasta Bar, good stuff.

  2. I believe they do takeout. Although why you would want to eat anything other than your croissants.... : )

    Thanks for the suggestion of Basil Pasta Bar. I will give them a try!