Sunday, March 27, 2011

Nuba (Waldorf Hotel)

I am going to start this post with an apology to the fine people of Silverton and New Denver. I am sure your part of BC is lovely and you are all very wonderful people. I just don't take my friends leaving Vancouver and you are going to bear the brunt of my anger because I don't know you.

Jay and Robin finally delivered on their threat to leave Vancouver and move to Stupid New Denver. Technically, New Denver is the big city to where they moved, Sucky Silverton- population 400. Now, 402. Since we live in the hood and Jay is a vegetarian who doesn't eat cheese, I thought it a perfect opportunity to go to the Nuba(Waldorf)!

Picture from the Waldorf website.

Warning. This dinner was epic.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rasoee Indian Kitchen

Most times I choose restaurants to go into based on reputation or recommendations. Some serve food that I like to eat, some I go into because I like the look of them. I went into Rasoee Indian Kitchen on Robson Street because it smells so good! Every time I walk by it is like walking into waves of yummy Indian food smells.

rasoee 006

Turns out, I also like the look of it. Excellent modern decor. The chairs look great, not so awesome to eat in as they are a bit low. The booths and tables to the side of them are perfect height.

rasoee 002

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hubbub Sandwiches

I could not be any happier that sandwiches are a current trend in Vancouver. I will happily follow along with this trend. Sandwiches are perfection.

The newest specialty sandwich shop to hit downtown is Hubbub Sandwiches on Hornby and Smithe. I found out about Hubbub through the Urbanspoon Vancouver Restaurant Tweet Feed found on the bottom of the home page. They did and excellent job with tweeting their impending opening and then daily tweets about their food.

I couldn't wait and ended up going 3 times last week! The first because I was excited about sandwiches, the second because I "forgot" to take a picture of the outside so I HAD to go back again and then the third because Adele wanted to try the sandwiches and being such a good friend, I could not let her walk all the way there on her own. I had to go back again. Because of this, Hubbub Sandwiches is my most researched posting yet!

Hubbub 015

Monday, March 14, 2011

Le Do Vietnamese

Big M and I are so excited to be back on the Drive! Our old place was on the Broadway side of the drive so living down on the Hastings side has opened up so many new restaurants within walking distance. Our first project, find some Pho.

Our first weekend in the new house we hit up The Red Wagon for some breakfast (the same time that Sherman was there. It was very exciting. Big M stopped me from going up and babbling that "I am a blogger too!". Probably a good idea as I get pretty excited...) Next door is the Le Do Vietnamese Restaurant. I figured that since the Red Wagon is right next door and I love them, this place must have great food. Not the most rational reasoning but happily, it worked out well!


Friday, March 11, 2011

Sushi Maro

I am going through a sushi craving phase. Huge cravings for sashimi. This has lead me to try put some new lunch time sushi joints. Sushi Maro has an excellent Yaletown location right across from the Yaletown/Roundhouse skytrain station.

maro 003

The restaurant is small to mediums in size. Table seating for about 30 and very limited bar seating for 3. I like the bar seating because you get to watch the chefs prepare the sushi. Dinner and a show.

maro 001

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Knight & Day (Boundary)

Everyone has a food related dirty secret- for some people it is McDonald's fries or eating nacho chips for breakfast.  I have a dirty secret.  Here it goes. I like to go to Knight & Day. Phew. It's out. I blew my snobby-foodie cred, but I needed to come clean.

Photo by Sherman- I forgot to take an outside photo...

I can try to save myself a bit and say it is not because the food is awesome. I have had good meals there, I have had terrible meals there. I will NEVER go for the breakfast buffet again- lesson learned.

I love the experience of Knight & Day: The waitress who will talk to you about drinking beers on her Harley, all day breakfast, the truckers sitting at the counter seats by the kitchen, the craziness that happens in a 24 hour diner, the seniors menu that still offers liver and and chopped veggies, the giant fish tanks with the mutantly large goldfish, the ability to seat a large number of people for a birthday party. It just adds up to awesome.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sfinaki Taverna

Sfinaki Taverna is another North Burnaby restaurant that Big M and I went to on our goodbye tour of North Burnaby. I have had some food from here during Hats Off day but not a sit down meal. I am happy that we finally made it before we left the area because our dinner was great.

My question is, why must Greek restaurants decorate like this?

sfinaki 001

I know I am not in Greece, why so this? I have never understood the fake roofing. I find it all very distracting. I am sure I can enjoy souvlaki without looking at a statue or urns.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Grounds for Appeal

Grounds for Appeal is the punnily named lunch counter/cafeteria in the Law Society building at 845 Cambie. If you are an office worker in the area you will know that they have the most amazing, homemade Indian food in the area. If you don't work or live in this area, it would be so easy to pass right by thinking they were just another sandwich shop down a low foot traffic street.