Monday, November 1, 2010

The Kaboom Box (formerly Fresh Local Wild)

Friday was a good day to eat my box lunch, but I didn't. I took advantage of the rain stopping for a moment to try one of the newest food carts, Fresh Local Wild (now The Kaboom Box). I love the information on the website for these guys so I was really looking forward to this lunch. On the site they talk about their concept being health concious and sustainable. Great. I also heard they have a chanterelle mushroom poutine. Even better.

They are located on the corner of Granville and Robson, in front of the Sears. They have a bright red trailer with a huge fish painted on the side.

freshlocalwild 001

What to try? I am not the biggest fan of salmon and Oyster Po Boy is much more fun to say then Venison Burger so I went for the Po Boy. Do I want to pay $3.00 more for a poutine combo. Yes I do.

All the food is made to order in the cart to ensure the freshest meal they can give you. After giving your order you can spend your wait time writing on the truck or talking to the guys- and these guys are fun. I am going to give them my vote for most charming employees of a food truck. They were chatting and joking and making sure that everyone was having a good time and enjoying the food and the whole cart experience.

freshlocalwild 002

The food was good!

freshlocalwild 005

Served in a compostable container (next time I will bring my own) it was fresh and looked great. I really wasn't sure what to expect from a Po Boy. Turns out that it was 3 really large and juicy oysters breaded and deep fried served on a fresh bun with coleslaw. The slaw was not runny so it didn't make everything soggy. Super tasty.

freshlocalwild 006

One of my criteria for the first time I eat at a food truck is to eat the food outside. That is the point, right? Some have been more portable than others. The sandwich and poutine do not rate high in the walking and eating scale, but would be an awesome meal to take away and eat on the steps of the Art Gallery in the sunshine. As it wasn't sunny on Friday, the food got cold pretty fast but that didn't dampen my enjoyment.

At $13.00 for a sandwich and fries, it is on high end in the food cart game. I think it is totally worth it. The food was fresh and sustainable and the guys cooking the food make it all worth the money. I paid 15.00 for a wrap and soup in a nearby restaurant that was a sit down joint and it was not nearly as good.

They said this menu will be up for a couple of weeks, until they work out the kinks of running a cart, and then it will change on a regular basis. I hope they keep the chanterelle poutine, mostly. I would like to see some options other than fries on the menu at some point.

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