Friday, September 24, 2010

Restaurants: 100 Days

I love the idea of pop up restaurants.  I was listening to a podcast the other day about Ludo Lefebvre and his super hip pop up restaurant in LA.

During my wandering of Yaletown the other day I passed 100 Days in the Opus Hotel. This was during my $10.00 lunch search so I didn't stop but I did go back to the office and google.

100 days 012

100 days 013

There is some information on their website about the concept but I could find very little on who the restaurant owners or the Chef were. They do mention the artist who did the design in the restaurant. I asked the waitress how many of the 100 days were left and she said they opened on Aug 27th and the big "closing" would be on New Years Eve. She said that the owners decided to do a pop up style restaurant while they were working on the renovation idea for the restaurant that will take over after the 100 days is up- so they have popped up in their own space while they work on the main redesign.

Whatever the concept, they served me the best damn grilled cheese sandwich I have had in my life. The menu does not fall into the cheap lunch category but they had an interesting take on the standard soup, salad, sandwich offerings.

100 days 002

I love a grilled cheese sandwich so I ordered their version.

100 days 003

They had me at truffles. It came with a nice side salad. The smell of this sandwich was incredible. I want to wax poetic about the awesome smell of the truffles and cheese combination but alas, a poet I am not.

100 days 009

So if the restaurant is open for 100 days, I can eat about 70 more of these sandwiches. I can foresee some lunchtime calls to the JC hot line to talk me down.

Man, this sandwich was just so good. Let's look at it closer.  The crispy boar bacon was really salty but it was cooked to perfection and tasted like a wilder, more gamey bacon.

100 days 008

The waitstaff were so friendly and chatty and the food came out fast enough for me to make it back to the office by 12:59. I can imagine that it would fill up on weekends as they seem to have quite the brunch menu. They have quite a  large cocktail and wine menu as well. So if are wondering where I am in the next 70 days, this is a good place to start.

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  1. Oh, is it what it is? That they are gonna be opened for just 100 days. What a concept. So what happens after 100d? They just pack up and go open somewhere else? Sorry for being so clueless.


  2. Hi Ben! The waitress said that they were going to close down and remodel the current space into the permanent restaurant/bar.

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