Sunday, September 19, 2010

Restaurants: White Spot (Gilmore)

I have a complicated history with the White Spot.

As a child we lived in Delta and I LOVED the Pirate Pack. Who didn't love the Pirate Pack? As a young adult, I worked at a theatre (now a parking lot) by the White Spot on Georgia. We ate there quite often- until I got an intestinal infection.

Funny aside, sort of- I walked into the clinic to talk about the stomach problems I was having. The Doc asked me where I had eaten and I said the White Spot. He immediately wrote me a prescription without asking any other questions. Not his first undercooked White Spot burger experience, I guessed. That was my last White Spot experience for about 10 years.

Big M and I then moved to NoBu and there is a White Spot down the hill. We started eating there again. In fact, we got engaged at that White Spot. More specifically, we had a semi-drunken conversation about what we see as the next step in our relationship and came to the agreement that marriage it was. Ah, the romance.

So we have had our ups and downs, the White Spot and I. I like their food enough, they do a good burger, but I find them overpriced for what they offer. One time we went for pancakes and they said they had "run out" of pancakes. More specifically, they had run out of the pancake mix sent from Head Office and the cooks were not authorized to mix together some flour and water to make a home made pancake. They would just rather not serve them at all. The chain restaurant mentality. Don't think outside the premade-pancake-mix box.

Mom loves the White Spot burger and we always go for a burger when she is in town.


I do enjoy their salad. I like the mix of sunflower seeds and cranberries.

Today, Big M and I went for breakfast. He finished my back taxes last night (take that, Government!) and we had a coupon for 2 for 1 breakfast so we thought it would be a great way to celebrate.

We got their pretty early to beat the after church, Sunday morning rush, and we were seated right away. Then I pulled out my coupon to give to the server and read the small print- Valid Monday to Friday before 11 am- JERKS! They got us with fine print!

Big M went with his standby, Eggs Benedict. From the menu- "Classic Eggs Benedict A classic and guest favourite. English muffin topped with back bacon, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. Served with hashbrowns."

whitespot 004

I am not a fan of the shredded hash browns, but he likes them.

I was going to go with the: "Nat’s Fabulous French Breakfast Our chef’s selection. Two eggs, two country sausages, two crispy strips of bacon, hashbrowns and our thick French Toast dusted with powdered sugar, creamy butter and warm syrup." But I knew that was going to be too much food for me.

I went with the "Traditional French Toast Thick slices of bread, dusted with powdered sugar and served with strawberry or blueberry topping and real whipped cream." and added a side of bacon.

whitespot 002

whitespot 003

The french toast was tasty and way too much. I scraped off most of the whipped cream and ate about half of it. Big M helped with the bacon which was cooked perfectly.

A fine breakfast. The chain has put some work into classing up the joint in the last few years. Not my favorite spot, not the cheapest spot but it will stay in the rotation.

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  1. best hollandaise on eggs benny pretty much anywhere - made the proper butter and lemon way...but i don't go because the Toigos (the owners) are evil land grubbers of doom - first union busting now agricultural land reserve eating....

    I love the veggie burger and the coleslaw, zoo sticks and onion rings myself. and the salad with the strawberries is yum too...but will not go until ALR issues are settled and the Toigos have moved along to a hopefully less hateful deed...


  2. i always crave their eggs benny ... so so good! I think I may try it as take out next weekend, but I'm not sure that they'll be able to do that properly ... might be worth a try though!

    - Noorita

  3. Best benny?: Blackstone @ Ricky's. Bacon, tomato, egg and yummy holandaise... best served with Chipotle Tabasco :)

  4. Oh man! I didn't know the Toigos were the owners. Damn.
    I hear you about the whipping cream. I have become one of THOSE people lately. You know, the ones who ask for things like whipping cream on the side, fruit topping on the side, salad dressing on the side, etc. This gives more control over the gloop that is plonked on top of every restaurant dish out there to enhance the flavour.