Monday, December 20, 2010

Dirty Apron

I have been in sandwich mode for the last couple of weeks. I don't know what it is, but all I want is sandwiches! I feel like Joey. Maybe I will do a Best Sandwiches of 2010 post. This post will be about my latest sandwich from Dirty Apron Delicatessen.

Dirty Apron is located down from Medina and Chambar on Beatty Street. It opened as a cooking school but has recently added Deli and grocery to the list. I would really like to take one of the classes that they offer. I can imagine that the gift certificates they offer would cover the classes... *Christmas Hint*.

dirty apron 005

It was because of Christmas that I stopped by that day. We were doing secret Santa at work and I pulled out Amanda's name. At a recent lunch (for sandwiches) she mentioned how much she loved truffles. Easy gift idea! I figured that a fancy grocery would have something with truffles in it.

dirty apron 003

They sure did! I picked her up a bottle of white truffle olive oil. She loved it. I also bought Wendy and Gabs a set of spices. They have a wide selection of Dirty Apron brand spices. I got them the French Spice set: "Looking for a little ooh la la? Look no further than the French spice collection, a mix of pink peppercorn, Herb de Provence salt, bay leaf, juniper berries and clove." The set came in a nice box, perfect for a gift. Not sure what to do with juniper berries? They offer recipes on the website! Smart.

On to the food! They offer a variety of sandwiches, a soup and some salads and veggies for take out lunch.

dirty apron 001

The baguettes seemed to be made to order while the grilled sandwiches were pre-made and waiting to be grilled.

dirty apron 002

I decided to go with the Prosciutto sandwich with fig, watercress, cambozola cheese, balsamic onions. They wrapped it in brown paper and a sticker- I love that.

dirty apron 006

The sandwich came on a really nice fruit and nuts bread. The wrapping held the heat really well and it was still warm when I got back to work.

dirty apron 007

They didn't precut the sandwich which I found a little strange. Turns out that prosciutto is really hard to cut with the crappy knives we have in the kitchen at work:

dirty apron 010

The sandwich itself was delicious, if a little hard to eat. Prosciutto is not the easiest to bite through but well worth the effort. I have never had cambozola cheese before. It was really tangy and went well with the salty meat.

I will definitely be back for more sandwiches. I really want to try the smoked meat sandwich.  Good chance that if I am getting you an Xmas gift, it will be a spice set. Sorry for ruining the surprise.

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