Friday, September 30, 2011

Something Healthy Wholesome Meals & Juice Bar

That is some name! No beating around the bush with what you are going to get here. Something Healthy Wholesome Meals & Juice Bar was a surprise to me. I ride my bike past it almost everyday, yet I didn't realize it was there until I stumbled across a description of the restaurant on another website. I was quite excited to try it as I am always on the lookout for good, affordable and healthy lunch options. It can't always be ramen...

Something Healthy is located down the street from International Village Mall in one of the new condo buildings. I am assuming they are fairly new as their website is nothing but a place holder, which I find strange in this day and age. There are a few pizza joints on this block and the Skytrain exit is right across the street so I imagine they must get some street walk ins.

something healthy 005

Friday, September 23, 2011

Shady Island Seafood Bar and Grill

I have lived in Vancouver for over sixteen years now which means that it gets harder to find new and exciting things to do when my Mom comes to town. Some things we repeat, the Granville Island market is a favorite, and some things I will never do. I am talking to you, suspended bridge of doom. This visit was our first trip to Steveston. For living here so long, Steveston is still new to me. My first trip there was earlier this year for BBQ. This time we were there for the fish and chips.

Big M, surprisingly, decided to opt out of the trip to Steveston to poke around in the little shops and awesome Farmer's Market. So it was just Mommo and I as we hit the boardwalk in search of food. It was an amazingly beautiful Sunday so every place we saw was packed.  We randomly chose a restaurant which turned out to be Shady Island Seafood Bar and Grill.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Red Burrito (Robson)

I was playing around on the Urbanspoon site the other day trying to figure out where to go for lunch and a sidebar add came up showing a burrito. Perfect, as soon as I saw it, I could think of nothing but burritos. One of the closest burrito places to me is Red Burrito on Robson. Big M is a big fan of the Red Burrito on Commercial and he used to get burritos from there all the time when we lived on 5th. I hadn't been to the Robson location yet, so it was the natural choice.


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sake Maki

I have resisted going into Sake Maki  but not because of anything Sake Maki has done (I have heard good things about them) but because I really like the restaurant that used to be in that space.  They had an awesome peanut satay soup that I will never have again...  However, I put that aside and stopped in to fulfill a sushi craving on my way to the Trout Lake Farmer's Market a few weeks ago. 

Sushi Maki 009

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Noodle Box (Yaletown)

I had no idea that they had opened up a Noodle Box near my work in Yaletown until I read a Georgia Straight article about another restaurant opening near by.  So excited!  The Noodle Box in Kitsilano had been on my wish list for a while as I love noodles, but I rarely get to Kits.  I was so excited about the Yaletown opening that I took Big M there for a lunch date. 

Noodlebox 007