Monday, May 30, 2011

Next Noodle Bar

My hours at work changed recently which gives me an earlier lunch time. I now lunch from 11:30-12:30. For a lunch time blogger, this has been an excellent change. I can now hit the more popular restaurants before the lunch time crowd gets there.

Next Noodle Bar is one of those places. On my 12-1 lunch times I was never able to eat here as there would be a line up by the time I made my way up Robson St. Now, I can walk right in and get a seat. I have taken advantage of this on more than one occasion now. This will be an amalgamation of three lunches! (spoiler- I like this place)


Friday, May 20, 2011

Falafel Maison

You know that game where you have to pick the one food you would be stranded on a deserted island with? For me, it would be a hard toss up between the pan-fried vegetarian dumplings from the deeply missed Sha Lin Noodles, or a shawarma plate. I L.O.V.E. shawarma. Think of the heavenly smell of walking past a shawarma place with the meat rotating on the spit.... Sigh.

Back in the days before I found JC I used to have Shawarma Tuesdays (and usually Thursdays) every week. Apres JC, I have only been a couple of times. Like poutine, I have made the switch to make it a special treat rather than a regular occurrence.

So it was a special day that brought me to Falafel Maison on Robson St. They are located in that strip of restaurants that are across from the Library by Japadog and Viet Sub. A great place to go if you are not quite sure what you want...  I, however, had no doubts that I wanted a shawarma plate.

Falafel Maison 005

Thursday, May 19, 2011


My favorite breakfast chain has finally come to BC! My first introduction to the Montreal based chain, Cora was in Newfoundland when we went to visit Big M's family in 2005. We had just gotten off the plane and the in laws took us there for a late breakfast. It was a long trip and I was a bit plane fatigued but I remember being so impressed by breakfast.  My first breakfast with  I wondered why they were not in BC as their focus on healthier, fruity breakfasts would be a hit on the Best, I mean West, Coast.

We had another couple of visits when they opened up a franchise in Calgary. I was happy to go, but it makes me crazy-mad when Alberta has things that BC does not. That is just not right. So my joy was increased when I found out that some smart person had opened up in Coquitlam, near the Coquitlam Centre mall.

Big M and I were so excited that we woke up early to go for brunch....on Mother's Day.

Cora 001

Monday, May 16, 2011

Pho Thuy Dong- Red Deer

My love of pho has no borders. It even follows me to Red Deer. After spending the day at Bower Mall, which is a good mall now but I miss MMMMmmmmMuffin and San Fransisco, we decided it was time for lunch. And for Big M and I, this brought on a craving for pho. Mom had taken me to a Vietnamese plade behind the Superstore (where I worked in the early 90s) before, so we went again.

Pho Thuy Dong Vietnamese Restaurant is much bigger and fancier since we were there last. They must be doing well as they have taken over the place next door and now run one of the biggest pho places, with the nicest decor, that I have been in. I said it before with the Momo sushi review, but wow. My favorite pho place in Burnaby is a hole in the wall with some pictures of Vietnam taped to the wall along with menu photos. Nothing like this:

red deer viet 001

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Momo Sushi- Red Deer

Big M and I recently travelled to Red Deer for my Mom's 65th birthday party.  Mom suggested that we go for dinner on one of the nights to a cute place that was around the corner from her place.  It turned out to be a sushi restaurant!  When I left Red Deer in 1994 I had never been to a sushi joint.  I am not even sure if RD had any sushi places.  Back then my tastes ran towards Boston Pizza and Humpty's Egg Palace (an all night coffee house with grumpy waitresses who would let a bunch of broke college kids sit around and drink pot after pot of coffee as long as we ordered some fries and were willing to take their abuse.  Hi Susan!).

Momo Sushi comes quite highly rated on the Red Deer version of Urbanspoon. My Mom is quite and adventurous eater so we braved the snow and off we went for some sushi.

Momo sushi 015

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Roundel Cafe

I really, really wanted to like the Roundel Cafe. Breakfast here has been on my list for some time. Everyone I know raves about the food and it is now just up the street from me. I love the signage and the look of the interior is right up my alley in a retro/vintagey/hipster mismatched tables and wood style.

Roundel 012

And then they served me what I have come to refer as....

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Britannia Sushi

One of the things that I love about Vancouver is our rush to the patio whenever there is even a suggestion of sun. Even if it is not warm. Just turn on the patio heater and bring on the sangria!

It was one of those days that brought me to Britannia Sushi on Commercial Drive. Britannia is the closest sushi place from my house when I head south on Commercial. They do have a patio but I really don't enjoy eating my food outside when the weather is below 20. I know, strange for a Vancouverite.

Brittiana Sushi 009

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Prophouse Cafe

I ride my bike past The Prophouse Cafe almost every day. They have one of the more interesting concepts for a restaurant in the area. From what I can tell, they originally opened the store as a movie rental/vintage shop and then they decided to add a cafe/coffee shop to that list.


I think the best word to describe this place is eclectic.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Marulilu Cafe

It was a rainy Sunday that found Big M and I at Whole Foods. Big M loves their muffins. On occasion I come with him and we have lunch at their food bar. It is a bit expensive but we have developed skills to avoid taking the heavy, pricey items. On this day we got there about the time they were switching from breakfast to lunch. Nothing that was currently out appealed to me that much so we decided to go elsewhere.

After lamenting the loss of Sha Lin Noodles, we chose to go to Marulilu Cafe which is across the street and the corner from Whole Foods on Broadway.

(sorry about the weirdo angle. It was crazy raining out and I wanted to stay under the awning)