Wednesday, December 29, 2010

La Grotta Del Formaggio

I was going through all my pictures of sandwiches for the Top Ten Sandwiches of 2010 post I am planning when I realized that I hadn't posted my La Grotta sandwich! Mistake! You can't have a sandwich roundup without La Grotta.

So here is a late post about a summer sandwich. Enjoy the pictures of sunshine!

lafromage 001

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Romer's Burger Bar- Best Birthday Bash.

Okay, bash is sort of an exaggeration but sometimes you have to stretch the truth for some alliteration. Wednesday was Big M's birthday and he wanted to go for an intimate dinner with me to celebrate. (awwwww, shucks). He was undecided of where to go. He wanted nice, but not super fancy and good food but not really pricey. After presenting him with a short list (from my Urbanspoon wish list, might as well kill 2 birds with one party), he chose Romer's Burger Bar on 4th.


Excellent. I have been trying to get here for a while but living in the burbs (for now!) I don't make it over that way very often.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

FRESH Japanese Restaurant

In between sandwiches last week I went for sushi. I have a regular sushi spot but decided to go a new place that is closer to me, FRESH Japanese Restaurant. I really like how FRESH is capitalized. A much more appetizing name than DAY-OLD Japanese Restaurant.

freshsushi 003

I think that most of the traffic for this restaurant must be local as it is at the end of the Cambie St bridge. Not a lot of parking or walk by traffic there, but a bunch of condos.

The inside of the restaurant is fancier than most of the sushi shops up Robson, but they are in Yaletown. It has a burgundy and black theme with a fireplace and loft ceilings. On the day that I went there were a couple of office workers like me and a whole bunch of construction workers from the BC Place (is that still the name?) construction site. I really liked the juxtaposition of big burly construction workers eating delicate sushi using chopsticks. I don't know why I found the visual so amusing, but it was so Vancouver.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Dirty Apron

I have been in sandwich mode for the last couple of weeks. I don't know what it is, but all I want is sandwiches! I feel like Joey. Maybe I will do a Best Sandwiches of 2010 post. This post will be about my latest sandwich from Dirty Apron Delicatessen.

Dirty Apron is located down from Medina and Chambar on Beatty Street. It opened as a cooking school but has recently added Deli and grocery to the list. I would really like to take one of the classes that they offer. I can imagine that the gift certificates they offer would cover the classes... *Christmas Hint*.

dirty apron 005

Monday, December 13, 2010

Commune Cafe- Blog Crossover Edition!

Friday I went for lunch with a couple of coworkers- one a fellow blogger, to Commune Cafe on the edge of Yaletown.

The Commune Cafe has been on my radar for a while as they have a communal table (see name of joint) and I love sandwiches. Their website says they "are proud to offer natural free-range meats & eggs, organic produce, milk products and 100% sustainable seafood-locally sourced. We only use environmentally friendly cleaning supplies, recyclable and compostable take out containers. COMMUNE CAFE is a member of Greentable & Oceanwise"

All good things! Let's go Comrades!

communecafe 006

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Red Wagon

Saturday's breakfast was suggested to me by the magic of the Internet. I had some errands to run and thought I would treat myself to some breakfast on the way. I have been wanting to try the new Waldorf cafe but I decided to check out the twitter feed on the Urbanspoon main page to see what was for offer before I set out. I am so glad I did because I saw this:

@redwagoncafe: Pulled pork buttermilk pancakes. Jack Daniels maple syrup. (Dec 3, 2010)


red wagon 002

The Red Wagon is one of those places that I knew I was going to like just by the look of it. Big M and I went by it during a trip to Donald's Market when the owner was doing some renos. The sign was already up and I love the font. I know it is judging a restaurant by it's cover, but I was right in this case.

Friday, December 3, 2010

12B- Underground Restaurant or Coolest Dinner Party Ever?

I am so in love with the idea of an underground restaurant. Health code, bah- who needs it? I want some awesome food that a mysterious chef has made in his secret location. I also love that I have cool friends who know cool people who do cool things. In this case, thanks to Kate for inviting Sarah to join your group for 12B and to Sarah for convincing Kate to allow Big M and me to tag along.

12B is, essentially, a dinner party where the food prepared and served by a secret chef at his place, 12B, and all you have to do is show up with your own booze, a suggested donation of $65.00 and an appetite. Then he will serve you and 10-12 of your friends an amazing 6 course meal.

12B 004

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

(Bo Laksa King's) Bubbles and Bits- Way More Than Bubble Tea

A giant perk of creating a food blog is your friends will start inviting you to their favorite "hidden gem" restaurants. A word of warning- I will blog about it.  Even if you tell me to keep it a secret.  If I agreed to that, I lied.  I will expose your secrets.  Last Friday, the lovely Kyira invited me to her new favorite restaurant- (Bo Laksa King's) Bubbles and Bits.

Picture by Chow Times. (my night photo did not turn out with my crappy camera)

Honestly, I wouldn't have gone here on my own. I have gone past this restaurant found in a strip under some condos on Hastings Street many times. I thought it was only bubble tea and bubble tea freaks me out a bit. All those pearls shooting up the enlarged straw into your mouth and then bursting, ack!

I am so very happy that Kyira made that first trip in because their food is amazing.