Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Restaurants: Me & Eds Burnaby

I suffer from lunch envy. No matter what I bring myself for lunch at work, someone else's lunch looks better. Today a co-worker was having pizza. Pizza. Sigh. That got me to thinking about my favorite pizza joint, Me & Eds Pizza Parlor in Burnaby.

I did have pizza on Friday after Yvette and I had a beer or two down at the Railway Club. I came home *totally sober* and Michael took pity on me and we ordered some Panago. He offer to get Me & Eds but I was too impatient. I should have waited because I love that pizza.

Our first trip to the Me & Eds parlor was the day we found out that Big M had been laid off from eBay. We went back when he got his new job and then again to celebrate his promotion. We have also had celebration delivery when we finally hauled the couch onto the patio. And sorry Vancouver, they only deliver in Burnaby and the Tri-Cities. For some reason, it is also the most controversial of my Facebook albums.

I can't remember the last time I was actually inside a pizza parlor before going here. Who does that anymore? Remember the old sit down KFCs? I love the inside of Me & Eds, it is exactly what you expect a pizza parlor to be.


Big M and I have the habit of ordering the same thing every time we go to a restaurant. We have tried to branch out at Me & Eds and lucky for us they will let you order a half and half pizza. One half for us is ALWAYS the Soprano.

This is half Soprano and half Perogie.


This is half Soprano half Mexican.


With Me & Eds, you need to start the discussion with the crust. I LOVE the crust. It is a much thinner, flakier crust than used at most delivery places. That is usually what divides people about whether or not they like the pizza. No one can deny that they are very generous with their toppings. We love the fresh basil on the Soprano pizza. The Mexican was piled so high with toppings it was a bit hard to eat. A perogie pizza is the best idea ever. Potato, bacon and cheese on a pizza is genius.

Another reason to eat at Me & Eds? Because Michael J. Fox does.


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  1. Mmmmmmmmmmm I LOVE ME & Ed's - we went there growing up... now whenever I go visit my grandma I bribe her with free food to get her to leave the old folks home and make it across the street. SO YUMMY!

    Great, now I want pizza!