Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Red Wagon

Saturday's breakfast was suggested to me by the magic of the Internet. I had some errands to run and thought I would treat myself to some breakfast on the way. I have been wanting to try the new Waldorf cafe but I decided to check out the twitter feed on the Urbanspoon main page to see what was for offer before I set out. I am so glad I did because I saw this:

@redwagoncafe: Pulled pork buttermilk pancakes. Jack Daniels maple syrup. (Dec 3, 2010)


red wagon 002

The Red Wagon is one of those places that I knew I was going to like just by the look of it. Big M and I went by it during a trip to Donald's Market when the owner was doing some renos. The sign was already up and I love the font. I know it is judging a restaurant by it's cover, but I was right in this case.

It started well with some rock star parking on the side of the building and then I saw the sign:

red wagon 003

The restaurant is quite small, seating about 30 people and a bar with seating for 4 or 5. I can see this being a problem when this restaurant catches on- which it will. Very simple in design with some fun touches here and there, the main focus is the food, not the decor. I love the diner/joint feeling of the place.

red wagon 004

I sat at the bar and ordered my pancakes. I must have been the first one to order them as everyone came to look at them when they were ready.

red wagon 005

Can pancakes be a revelation? Can I marry a plate of pulled pork? I know we could have a beautiful life together...

I loved this dish. I find that most restaurants serve giant plates of pancakes that I don't finish. This was the perfect size. The JD syrup was amazing. I finished the whole thing.

red wagon 006

I am going to give a shout out here to the waitstaff on Saturday morning. They were so nice! Chatty, friendly and really welcoming.

This was not a cheap breakfast, diner style, but worth every penny. I would have paid more.

red wagon 007

In fact, I went back again. I did nothing but talk about the pancakes on Saturday to the point that Big M and I went back again on Sunday.

red wagon 011

Sadly, but not surprisingly, they were out of the JD Maple Syrup on Sunday. I mourned a little until my next awesome breakfast came:

Pork belly confit with eggs and potatoes, salsa verde, hollandaise and grilled tomato.

red wagon 008

Perfect. I don't eat a lot of hollandaise because I don't eat bennys, so it was a nice treat to get it on some scrambled eggs. The salsa verde added just the right amount of kick. How was the pork belly confit?

red wagon 010

Awesome- crispy on the outside and soft and melt in your mouth on the inside. What a fun alternative to bacon.

Big M needed to try the pulled pork so he ordered a pulled pork benny:

red wagon 009

The staff on Sunday were just as friendly as on Saturday and the kitchen was really fast. The joint was much busier on Sunday morning.

Big M and I reminisced about the awesomeness of the breakfast for the rest of the day. It is that good.

red wagon 012

red wagon 013

So thanks Twitter for a great weekend of food. I suggest hurrying down to the Red Wagon before it gets too busy. You won't regret it.

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