Thursday, January 26, 2012

Olympia Bar & Grill

I wasn't sure where to go to eat one day so I started towards Granville Street to see what caught my fancy. I chose the Olympia Bar & Grill because I am pretty sure this location used to be a Taco Time when I lived downtown. That amused me, so I went in to check it out. I like not knowing what is going to happen when wandering into a random restaurant. Will it be an amazing? Will it be a giant mistake? Find out what happened, after the jump.

Olympia 005

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sapporo Ramen Shogun

I struggled with this review because the most interesting thing about Sapporo Ramen Shogun is the name. It makes me think of drunken kung-fu fighters. The name is cool, the food is...okay. Review done!

Just kidding. I took some pictures.

shogun 008

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

La Taqueria- Cambie St.

I am a huge fan of La Taqueria on Hastings. One of my favorite places to go. I had been trying to get to newest location on Cambie Street since they opened, but I kept trying to go on a Sunday when they are not open (I forget every time!). It finally dawned on me that I am across from the Canada line and since La Taqueria Cambie is located directly across the street from the Broadway-City Hall station, it is now a lunch time destination!

lataqueriacambie 004

Monday, January 16, 2012

Mom's Grilled Cheese Truck

Doesn't that name tell you everything about this food truck? I was so happy to hear that a grilled cheese truck would be hitting the streets in the last round of street truck additions. Even more happy that they are one of the closest ones to my work. Total win for me and for everyone who eats there, really. Mom's Grilled Cheese Truck is located on the Howe St. side of the art gallery, Monday through Friday at lunchtimes.

mom's 001

Friday, January 13, 2012

Steamrollers- Hornby

I want to like Steamrollers more than I do. I am a huge fan of burritos, especially Mission style burritos. Big M used to live across from a Steamrollers and he waxes poetic about their Christmas turkey and cranberry burritos. Me, meh.

steamrollers 005

Monday, January 9, 2012


Ethiopian food is the coolest because you get to eat it with your fingers and spongy bread, it is all about sharing and it is usually really spicy. These are three good things in my book. My favorite Ethiopian restaurant is in my hood on Commercial Drive, Harambe.

Harumbe 006

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Pizzeria Farina

Pizzeria Farina is another addition to the Neapolitan pizza craze that has hit Vancouver- hooray! This one is East Van style- in a cozy little spot next to the Cobalt. This strip of Main is quickly becoming one of my favorite foodie hot spots with Electric Owl, Campagnolo, and Union as neighbours.

Farina 008
(Google translate tells me that the sign roughly says "In life, nothing ventured, nothing gained")

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Casablanca Mediterranean Cuisine

Back when I worked in Gastown, in my before days, I used to have Shawarma Tuesdays (and sometimes Thursdays as well). I love shawarma. I love the smell, the rotating chicken cooker thing, watching the chicken fall as it is cut off the rotisserie, yummy sauce, hummus, I love everything about it. A shawarma plate would be the food that I would pick to be with me on a deserted island. To be specific, I would choose the shawarma plate from Casablanca Mediterranean Cuisine.

Never heard of it? I guess you haven't been spending too much in the Harbour Center Mall food court. Amid the 1985 glory of neon lights and mirrored ceilings is my favorite shawarma shop.

casablanca 001

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Au Petit Chavignol

During my rock and roll days, we had a rehearsal space on Hastings and Hawks. The only cool thing around in those days was the nightly karaoke at the Astoria. I mean, we knew a guy that we called "Stabby". Nowadays, the area is becoming cool thanks in large part to the duo of Les Amis du Fromage and Au Petit Chavignol. I have purchased many cheese from the friendly people at Les Amis but hadn't tried the restaurant until a beautiful Saturday brunch date with the lovely Sarah.