Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Restaurants: Acme Cafe

Today I mailed my back taxes and renewed my passport. Hooray for me! To celebrate I am having Hipster Food Day. First stop: lunch at Acme Cafe.

I have wanted to go here for a long time but it is just far enough away from my office that I don't think I could make it there and back in an hour. I didn't know how fast the seating and service would be either. Today I rode my bike to the passport office so I was in the area.

I love the look of this restaurant. Some booth seating, lots of bar and window seats, an exposed brick wall and an open kitchen. With a lovely assortment of downtown office hipsters populating those seats. Here is my artsy picture.

acmecafe 002

I sat at some window seating which I liked because I could watch my bike. This is still East Hastings... Has anyone else noticed all the "I (We) love you" grafitti downtown? This one was across the street. I like it. Happy.

acmecafe 003

The menu has breakfast before 11am weekdays and mostly sandwiches and some salads with a couple of hot entree options. They had a daily soup, hot meal and quiche. The soup today was split pea and ham, the quiche was goat cheese veggie and the hot meal was chili. I really liked the sound ot the quiche, but I had the High-faultin grilled cheese sandwich instead. Mainly so I could say "faultin" a couple of times.

acmecafe 001

All sandwiches come with your choice of soup or broccoli almond slaw and potato chips. I will love them forever for serving potato chips with their sandwiches.

acmecafe 006

I really enjoyed the cranberries in the sandwich. I don't remember the cheddar cheese, unless it was a white cheddar. The slaw was so fresh and not overly dressed. The potato chips were the nice thick ones that are super salty- hooray! It was pretty high on the price scale for a sandwich but I think it was worth it.

They serve a really great cup of coffee.
acmecafe 004

I didn't get a chance to try any of the baked goods. They had a pumpkin pie that looked heavenly and a great assortment of pastries, loaves, cookies etc. Next lunch will be coffee and pie. The seating and service was pretty fast today so as long as it is a bike riding day I think Acme Cafe will be on the downtown lunch rotation for a long time.

Next stop in Hipster Food Day- drinks at Shebeen and the Longtable series at the Irish Heather. Hooray!

Acme Cafe on Urbanspoon

It was a beautiful day so I decided to walk down to Acme Cafe for another awesome lunch. The quiche special of the day was sausage with goat cheese and sundried tomato. It came with a sausage soup.

Acme2 001

Sausage soup with a sausage quiche was a lot of of sausage but this was quite honestly the best quiche I have eaten. It was thick and creamy and amazingly tasty. The crust was really thin and light. Let's look at it closer:
Acme2 002

In a perfect world, I would have this every day. Great revisit.


  1. Thanks for making the trip! Yes, it's white cheddar in there. Glad you enjoyed your visit!

    Alan @Acme_Cafe

  2. pricy but looks deelish!