Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Restaurants: Favorites Edition- Green Bamboo

Pho is an awesome food concept. Dinner in soup with noodles- props, Vietnam.

My first Pho, strangely, was in Calgary with my brother. I have been on the search for my favorite bowl in Vancouver ever since. Currently, that is at the Green Bamboo in Burnaby.

Big M started a job on Kingsway in the Metrotown area last year. His goal: try every Pho restaurant in the area. That is a lofty project. Worthy of it's own blog. He made it to two. He stopped because the Green Bamboo is that awesome.

Greenbamboo 002

Hidden in the side of the Crystal Mall, the Green Bamboo is easy to miss. A little hole in the wall restaurant that is not big on decor.

Greenbamboo 006

The kitchen is in the middle of the restaurant hidden behind some frosted glass so they don't always notice when you come in. A bit weird.

They have an extensive menu of Pho, listed as Beef Rice Noodle Soup for us English speakers. You can get a Curry Soup, Satay (w/Peanuts), or Tom Yam Goong broth for and extra $1.00. They also have some rice dishes, dumplings and sandwiches on the menu. As Big M and I are creatures of habit, we tend to order the same thing every time. Number 9, small. From the menu that is:
Beef Rice Noodle Soup (Rare Beef with Beef Ball)$6.25

I like mine with the Satay soup:
Greenbamboo 005

The beef ball was a bit of a surprise the first time that I had it. I wasn't expecting the texture, but now I love it. The satay has a great peanut flavour with bits of peanuts in the soup. The beef slices are very thin so they are melt in your mouth good when you eat them.

Big M gets the regular soup with the addition of a lot of Sriracha:
Greenbamboo 008

It comes with fresh basil, bean sprouts and lime.
Greenbamboo 003

I would say that the Vietnamese Spring Rolls-$4.50- are a definite must. They are my favorite spring rolls in town:

Greenbamboo 004

Amazingly seasoned pork in a deep fried wrapper. No vegetable fillers in those bad boys. There is some sort of flavoring in the wrapper that is so tasty.  I would go so far as setting a challenge for you to find a spring roll that is more tasty.

Great value, abrupt but friendly enough service and delicious food.

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  1. Hey Heather! Glad you like GB so much. It's by far my favorite Vietnamese in town. So much to choose from...don't stick with your favorites! Check out the Bun Bo Hue and definitely the Lemongrass Chicken Vermicelli Bowl. Gotta agree with you on the spring rolls. They're awesome!