Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Famous Warehouse

One sunny day I decided to take a walk down Granville St and let the fates decide my lunch destination. I realized that I don't walk down Granville all that often, so I wasn't really sure what would catch my eye.  It turns out that this did:

warehouse 004

Five dollar lunch? Really?  Could that be true?  Could it be any good if it is true?  Fate had lead me to The Famous Warehouse to find out! 

warehouse 003

I love the Vegas style sign.  The restaurant has a old school pub/honkey tonk feel.  It gives off the vibe that a cowboy should be at the bar and a brawl could break out at any time.  The decor feature a lot of wood with some bar seating, some high tops, some bench table and some booths.  They were playing a 70s skate video on the TV and some loud rock music was playing.  I will admit that in my business casual attire, I stood out a bit. Not a place that is designed for the corporate lunch crowd, but I am cool and hip on the inside so I felt fairly secure in my place there.

warehouse 001
(It was the day before St. Patrick's day, hence the decor...)

I took a seat at a picnic style table with benches and the friendly server gave me the menu.  Everything was indeed $4.95.  Again, I don't send much time on Granville St, but I was surprised that this place had missed my radar. The menu was more extensive than I had expected with appies, salads, tortillas, sandwiches and some entrees.  They also feature two all you can eat options for $6.95- pasta on Monday and tacos on Tuesday.

I chose the "crispy chicken caesar wrap- creamy caesar, fresh romaine, maple bacon, parmesan cheese, sun-dried tomato tortilla, peppered fries, macho sauce to dip." $4.95.  I think they won me over with "macho sauce".  Had to see what that was.

warehouse 002

Well, unless it was missing from the plate, macho sauce is ketchup.  That was a bit of a let down.  The food, however, was not.  It was way better than I had expected. The wrap was really good. The chicken was fresh and seasoned well and there was the perfect amount of dressing on the salad.  The peppered fries were perfect.  My favorite style of fry (crispy with some skin and thinner cut) and just the right amount.

I was so impressed with my lunch that I raved about it to my coworker, Melissa.  She and another co-worker Leticia went the same week.  Melissa got the chicken wrap but Leticia decided to go with a burger- "smokey bbq burger- premium Alberta beef, smokey bbq sauce, jalapenos, cheddar, macho sauce, toasted brioche bun, shredded lettuce, tomato, pickle" $4.95

warehouse2 001
warehouse2 002

They really enjoyed their lunch, the burger earned a great review.  They did also feel a bit dressed up for the lunch crowd.  Melissa said it was a place that she wants to go to with friends for beers and food in the evening.  She said it has a great atmosphere and food, but not designed for the office worker lunch.

The Famous Warehouse will be added to my lunch rotation, for sure but I really want to come back here in the summer for some beers, cheap food and people watching after work one day.  And $6.95 all you can eat pasta... challenge accepted.

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  1. Hey heyheather! ;)

    I'm going on a trip to Vancouver this summer (late July) and I'm going with a choir group. We are staying at a hotel in Yaletown on Hornby Street, and I'm pretty much in charge of finding great places to eat in a lot of different neighborhoods (my supervisor gave me a list: Yaletown, Granville Island, Gastown, Chinatown, West End (Davie Village), Japantown, and Robsonstrausse).
    In a bit over my head, I accepted the challenge, despite never even having been to Vancouver. I was looking for someone who could help me with some suggestions, and I found your blog on urbanspoon. Needless to say, your expertise would be greatly appreciated!