Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cafe D'Azur

I am really excited about my office move coming up, now in October.   I do most of my blog eating at lunch time and I have hit most of the restaurants that I am really excited about in the area.  I am on to the ones that are in the area, but don't excite me that much.  Whether that be in the food that they serve or the look of their signage.  (I do judge a restaurant by it's cover).  This does leave me open for a pleasant surprise in some lunch spots but sadly, not this time.  Just off Robson is a little French cafe, Cafe D'Azur.

cafe d'azur 004
The inside of the restaurant was clean and cute. There was seating for about 20 with a couple of seats outside. A big open kitchen/prep area in one corner. The tiles on the floor were nice and a blue theme throughout to go with the name.

cafe d'azur 001

The pastry case had some fresh made pastries and pre-made sandwiches. A sign on the counter indicated the soups of the day. The waitress said that they could make any sandwich that was on the board, even if it wasn't in the case.

I went with a Tomato, Pesto Brie Baguette for $6.95 and added a small soup for $3.00. The soup was Butter Chicken soup.

cafe d'azur 002

I loved the presentation of the soup. The croutons seemed to be freshly made and they were crunchy, buttery and well seasoned. The soup was quite flavourful. Nice chunks of chicken breast and the broth had a rich taste. I liked that it was a thinner version of butter chicken. My favorite part of the meal whole meal were the croutons.

I was disappointed with the sandwich.

cafe d'azur 003

For $7.00 I expected more. The tomatoes were sliced so thin, as was the brie. All I could taste was pesto. It was really overwhelming. It tasted like pesto bread with some mushiness in the middle. I really like sandwiches so I take sandwich disappointment very hard. There are so many awesome sandwich places that I could have gone to in that area...

Other reviews had commented on how lovely the French pastries were. I guess I should have stuck to them. I am going to give a pass on going back to find out though.

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  1. Thank you for your feedback.
    We have changed the recipe of our Tomato, Pesto and Brie sandwich as per your suggestions.
    I would like to offer you a complimentary lunch in hopes that you will try the above sandwich again and let us know if you think the changes made are satisfactory.
    We make our sandwiches on hand-made fresh baked baguettes and ciabattas daily and strive to offer fresh ingredients for good value.

    Kind regards,

    Cafe D'Azur