Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fresh Local Wild

Previously on Fresh Local Wild...

To catch you up to speed, the FLW cart I reviewed previously is now the Kaboom Box at the same location on Granville and Robson. Do not fret, they still serve the awesome poutine. I am happy to report that Chef Josh is back on the streets with his new cart Fresh Local Wild on Burrard and Hastings.

And what an impressive cart it is! It has a patio and is carbon neutral. Chef modified the generator to run on the used fryer oil. That means the more french fries I eat, the more I save the world. Thanks Chef! Talking to him about the cart he said that he designed and built a lot of it himself as the cart has some very unique features like the patio and the saloon-type doors that open into the trailer.

flwclub 001

flwburger 002
flwburger 001
flwclub 002

The new cart is not within walking distance from my current office, but it will be when we move at the end of summer. It is within biking distance as I can use the bike lanes to zip down there within 10 minutes. Thanks City of Vancouver! They are located on a large corner with steps and flower bed edging for seating, but the closest bike parking is on the other side of the block. I would recommend trying to get there early as even though they have only been open for a couple of weeks, there has been a line both times I have been there.

On my first visit I ordered a burger. Not usually on the menu, but the Chef said he woke up feeling like he should cook a burger that day. I am happy for his whim because it was good. I was lucky enough to get a space on the patio that day so they gave me a plate rather than a container. Hooray!

flwburger 003

This may sound weird, but this burger was a kind of a revelation for me. The patty was tasty and cooked so that it was juicy but not too rare. The best part for me, and the revelation, was that he seasoned the tomatoes. I didn't know how much more awesome this makes the burger taste! Where have I been eating that I have never noticed this before? There was so much flavour on this burger. I hope he makes it again.

On this visit I ran into one of my Twitter-verse friends, @YVRBcbudz. He ordered the Tuna Melt and really enjoyed it. Find his review on his blog, Sean's Adventures in Flavourtown. I always find it amusing to run into virtual friends. On more than one occasion I have been in the room with other Twitter friends and not even known it...

On my second visit I had a more regular menu item, the Chicken Club sandwich with fries (saving the world fries!).

flwclub 004

Grain Fed Chicken Club, hand sliced bacon, spicy aioli $8.00. I had a combo with fries and a drink for $3.50 more. They do offer a Caesar salad option now as a side but I didn't get it because the salad does not save the world as the fries do.

This sandwich was way more than I had expected. Instead of sliced meat or a processed chicken breast it was chunks of fresh cooked chicken! The pieces were juicy and really tasty. I loved the aioli. The bacon had a really nice smokey flavour I prefer a more crispy bacon. The sandwich tasted amazing but the bacon was hard to bite through and therefore a bit messy to eat. Of course, that could have been my fault as well because I wore white pants and it was inevitable that I would spill.

flwclub 007

I am so happy that FLW is back on the streets- one of my favorite carts in the city. They also offer hats for sale now and will have T-shirts later. I will be happy to wear my Fresh Local Wild T-shirt and even happier when my office is closer to the Chef.

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