Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I have been going to Theresa's, in one form or another, for years now. Back in the day it was a favorite breakfast place of the old band, Hurricane Kitty. We liked it because they had a good vegetarian breakfast and because of the owner, Theresa. She remembered every person who came in and what they ordered. I have always been amazed/jealous of people who could do that.

Theresa moved away and the restaurant then became a worker owned and run co-op cafe that they named Theresa's. They renovated, I don't miss the corrugated metal wall that people wrote on, and slowly the things that I enjoyed about the restaurant changed. The service became a bit standoffish, the potatoes and bread changed. We slowly stopped going. Then Big M and I moved to Burnaby and the restaurant had a kitchen fire (not related). Now we have moved back to the Drive and the restaurant has reopened (also coincidence) so we thought it would be a good time to go back.


First impressions were great. They had renovated the restaurant again and I like the new look. The chairs made me nostalgic as I used to have 4 chairs just like them that I got off a binner with a trailer who was driving up my alley one day... They used to be quite mismatched with the furniture so I enjoyed the change.


Another thing we noticed is that the comrade working the counter was really helpful. He was chatty and pleasant and they weren't blasting reggae or metal. Good signs!

The menu hasn't changed with the re-opening. They offer several breakfast choices named for streets in the area. Our regular is the Hastings- eggs with sausages, bacon or lox (wild smoked salmon), potatoes and toast.

I went with a scrambled egg and sausage:


Big M went with over easy eggs and sausage:


I was really happy with the breakfast. The eggs were cooked perfectly (I asked for a well done egg) and the sausages were tasty and not overly greasy.

Let's talk about the hash browns:

They were 99% perfect. They were a good size, not deep fried and well seasoned- hooray! I loved the giant chunks of roasted garlic. My only issue were the whole pieces of peppercorn. It was quite intense. I ended up flicking most of them off. Big M said he didn't notice as he was too busy eating.

I was really happy with this return trip to Theresa's. I am a big old lefty so I have always liked the idea of supporting a worker run restaurant. Now that we are back on the Drive and the food was good, we will be coming back here for sure. Power to the people!

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  1. hi, we (at theresa's) loved this review. would you be ok if we posted to site?
    please come back and thanks for spreading the positive feedback...

  2. Thank you for the hash browns. Feel free to use the review.