Monday, June 13, 2011

Caffe Barney

Today's post is brought to you by the awesomeness that is the Legend of Bonefish. Way back in the day I worked in theatre and my favorite shows to work were the sketch comedy shows. (I once ran the lights and sound for a show with the cues written on a napkin two minutes before the show started!  Without mistake, I might add.) With that work I was lucky enough to meet award winning actor, writer and man about town, Peter New. 15 years later, he took me to lunch at Caffe Barney on Main Street.

cafe barney 008

We had wrapped our green screen filming before we were able to go to our next location so actor Peter New took Mike, Phil and I out for lunch to Caffe Barney as it was near our second shoot destination. I was excited about this lunch as another friend loves this place and I have been past there many times and there is always a crowd. That has to be a good sign, right?

The inside is bright and large with a really tall ceiling. They have some table seating, some bar table seating and some single seats around the bar. A nice interior. They also have some patio seating which I am sure is lovely. It was not warm enough to sit outside on this day, even by Vancouver standards. I was happy that we didn't end up at the bar table seating because I dislike stools. We got a nice 4 top by the window, with no line up!

cafe barney 003

Phil and I chose to go with breakfast, while Mike and Peter New went with burgers. A little bird told us that the lunch menu is stronger than the breakfast menu, but I wanted breakfast.

I went with a Scrambler (3 eggs on a bagel with hash) $9.50- and I chose Chorizo Sausage cheddar, home cut salsa, green onion.

cafe barney 005

I have been staring at the screen for a couple of minutes trying to come up with how to describe my feelings about this meal. A couple of things right off the bat:
1. The bagel wasn't toasted. The eggs and salsa just soaked into the bagel making it wet and gooey. Mushy is not a pleasant texture. Toasted would have helped.
2. Deep frying potato chunks does not make "hash". It makes deep fried potato chunks. I would have preferred to order fries if I had known that this is how they would come. I like my deep fried potatoes thin and crispy.
3. Nothing was seasoned. Neither the "hash" nor the fries that came with the burgers had any trace of salt or pepper. Plain deep fried potato chunks.

I did enjoy the eggs and chorizo mix. The eggs were cooked well and there was a nice amount of sausage and cheese. I added my own salt and pepper, again.

Phil chose the 2 eggs with sausage, multi grain toast and hash for $7.50

cafe barney 004

He said that it was fine, but nothing was seasoned. That is all I can remember him saying about the meal. It was very beige.   I don't know if I am getting snobbier in my old age, but not much presentation here.

Peter New and Mike both had burgers- basic burger $10.00.  The cheese and bacon are extras.

cafe barney 006

cafe barney 007

Mike was smart enough to order gravy with his fries! Both fellas felt the burger was fine. At least it was colourful.

I enjoyed the coffee and the service was efficient, if not really friendly. There seemed to be one waitress for most of the restaurant.

I really wanted to enjoy my meal there more.  The company was excellent.   I like the location and I know people who really enjoy the food. I think I am going to give it a pass.

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PS- Watch the Bonefish videos. I am so happy they have decided to film these old sketches. They are some of the funniest people that I know and I am happy that they let me tag along. <3

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