Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ragazzi Pizza Truck

Remember that one really nice day that we had this month?  Yes, that one where the sun was shining and we all got a bit of a sunburn because it was the first sunny day and we forgot to wear sunscreen.  The one where we thought, finally- summer is here!  That was the day of Italian Days on the Drive.  I wanted to ease everyone into the sunny pictures that you are about to see.  On that one sunny day, I ate pizza at the Ragazzi Pizza Truck.

ragozi 001

I loved the Italian Days decor they had going.
I am a huge fan of street festivals. I get such enjoyment walking down the middle of what is normally a heavy traffic street. Although many of the restaurants on the Drive had street patios set up, Big M and I felt that a street festival called for some street food!

Since I had dragged Big M to the festival really early (I was excited), most of the vendors weren't quite ready when we were ready for some food. The Ragazzi truck had an excellently Italian set up going on so we decided to have a seat and wait for the pizza. This was an advantage as well as we were first in line for some really fresh pizza.

Ragazzi is normally located downtown near the Burrard Skytrain station. It is out of my lunch time comfort zone, so I had yet to try it. We felt it was the perfect option for Italian Days. They had a Margarita pizza and a Prosciutto pizza. The deal was 2 slices and a drink for $6.00. We both had a slice of each plus upgraded our drink for $1.00 more.

ragozi 005

ragozi 006

I really enjoyed the pizza. I think it helped that we got the first slices out of the truck. I liked the prosciutto one just a bit more because of the meat but i think they were basically the same pizza. The crust was crispy and it was a perfect amount of cheese for me. I don't like heavily cheesed pizzas.

I was surprised by the low rating on the Urbanspoon site. Once we got our pizza there was a line up 6 or 7 people deep the whole time we were eating. Maybe they are non-voting people...

A great experience on a great day. I can see myself going back to the truck when our office moves down that way later this summer.

Ragazzi Pizza Truck on Urbanspoon

PS. Look at how happy we looked in the sun and smoke from the Portuguese Club sardine cookout. Sigh.

ragozi 008

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