Monday, January 31, 2011

Salty Tounge Cafe

The Salty Tounge Cafe is the daytime incarnation of the Long Table at the Irish Heather. Having been to the Long Table on a few memorable occasions (first and second,)one that has yet to be documented and one that is going to happen tomorrow, I thought it was high time that I hit the place in the daytime. I hear that Reese Witherspoon had a sandwich there once. All good enough for me.

I was down in Chinatown picking up my prize from the Vancouver is Awesome fundraiser (woo hoo!) and I felt it was a perfect time to head the the Salty Tongue.

saltytounge 004

They had a nice crowd for lunch but there was plenty of seating as they do have the long table. I like that it is the only option for seating.

They were redoing the blackboard menu on the day that I was there so they had a few printouts of the menu on the counter. The counter staff were polite and helpful with describing the menu since it wasn't on the board.  The food came with plenty of time for me to eat and walk back to the office.

saltytounge 001

I decided to go with the panini special of the day with a side of soup. I also ordered a coffee since they serve Stumptown coffee from Portland. Hooray!

The sandwich was a salami with onions, spinach, cheese and pickles. The soup was broccoli and cheddar.


Pretty good soup and sandwich. I really liked the bread. It was crispy on the outside and not so thick that it was hard to eat. I loved the salami and pickle combination. Salty goodness.

I am still playing with the new camera so I thought I would take a sandwich close up.

saltytounge 002

Thanks again to Big M for the awesome gift.

It was a nice experience at the long table. I didn't end up in a life changing conversation with a stranger but I didn't get sworn at so all in all, I am ahead.

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PS.  Spell check wanted to change Reese Witherspoon to Reese Thespian.  Bend and snap.

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  1. Those pictures are making me really hungry