Friday, January 7, 2011

Urban Thai Bistro

Back to the real world of the 5 day working week. Sigh. That does mean that I will back to a more normal lunch and blogging schedule.

Note- this is the first posting with pictures from my new camera that Big M gave me for Christmas. He was tired of looking at my crappy pictures. He also gave me a "Digital Photography for Dummies" book. I am now going to state that obviously I have not started to read the book, or the camera manual, because the quality of these pictures is terrible. They will get better, I promise...

2011 is also our big office move. We will be moving to a more central downtown location in June so I am trying to finish up some of the Yaletown places that I want to go to before that time. So Courtney and I decided to head to Urban Thai Bistro. They used to be on regular rotation for some of my coworkers but I had not yet managed to go there.

UrbanThai 004

The restaurant is much bigger than I expected it to be on the inside. Large booths, some giant round tables for large groups for seating and plants and stuff everywhere for decoration. Feels a bit cluttered, but in a good way.

We liked that they have an $8.00 lunch special. Great price for a Yaletown lunch. Quite popular too as the place was really busy. They got all the orders out a very quick pace, another bonus for a downtown office worker on a time limit.

The menu states that all specials come with "Specials served vegetarian spring roll, salad & Rice.". Great! We both ordered a lunch special and so they brought this to the table:

UrbanThai 001

I am not impressed when restaurants give me iceburg lettuce from a bag salads. We wondered if we were going to get another one, but I guess this is salad for two. Why bother? The spring rolls were fine.

Courtney ordered the Pad Thai Platter. "Spring Roll, Salad and Traditional Pad Thai Noodles (shrimp, ground peanuts, chilli paste, bean sprouts & Diced tofu). Only $9.00" She did not want the shrimp but the menu very clearly states no substitutions. It also states that you can have it made vegetarian, so problem solved!

UrbanThai 002

She really liked the pad thai. It was packed full of veggies instead of just noodles.

I ordered a lunch special which was coconut soup with shrimp and vegetables and a rice noodle. $9.00

UrbanThai 003

So good. So very good. I love coconut soup. The shrimp were done very well and the soup had a really nice spiciness to it.

We were happy that the mains made up for the sad salad/spring rolls we were given. Even without those, the food would have been very well worth the $9.00 special price.

Urban Thai Bistro is part of a larger chain of Thai restaurants in town. They were selling some sauce that you could take home to make your own Thai food. They also offer some cooking classes, which would be fun, but the schedule for January was not available yet. Hopefully they will update that info on their website soon.

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  1. Its obviously delicious and mouth watering dish you had..I do love food and eat and cook my fave dish.