Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fresh Bowl South East Asian To Go

Laksa has become my new obsession ever since my dinner at Bo's. Last week, during a failed attempt to give Salsa and Agave's a second go, I ended up at Fresh Bowl South East Asian To Go.  A small take out joint tucked into the very end of Yaletown.

Fresh Bowl 004

I have peeked in the window here a couple of times during my trips into Yaletown. I like the decor- bright, modern and clean- but the prices seemed a bit on the Yaletown expensive to me. $10.00 for a noodle bowl? But, I was running out of time on this day so I decided to give it a go.

The inside of the restaurant is very small, but I like the decor. Large funky lamps hang above a row of tables with seating for about 10-15 people. They market this place as a "to-go" restaurant and certainly doesn't have enough seating for a large sit in lunch crowd.

The menu is posted on a large board above the counter. The going price for a meal seemed to be about $10-$12.00.

Fresh Bowl 002

The girl at the counter, who turned out to be on her first day, dutifully informed me of the lunch special. Any bowl plus a tea for $10.00. That is getting better in price. They have a nice menu selection but I saw the Laksa and it was a done deal. She said I had my choice of a Hibiscus or Calamansi tea. Even on her first day she could recognize the blank stare I gave her about the "Calamansi" option. Turns out it is a lemon-lime type flavour. I chose the hibiscus.

Fresh Bowl 001

The tea was surprisingly tasty and went really well with the soup. Good start.  The service was very fast and I had my soup. I ordered the Laksa with tofu option. The other options were chicken or shrimp.

Fresh Bowl 003

Hm. It was fine. I don't know how authentic it is. Seemed like a easy listening version of the soup I had at Bo's. I really liked the noodles. They were more like a really thin soba than a rice noodle. The soup was coconutty and not overly hot. The "salad" on the top consisted of mostly bean sprouts and a couple of carrots for veggies. Of the two laska's I have had, this is not the best one but it will do when I have a lunchtime craving. I hope the lunch special price continues because otherwise I don't really think it is worth the cost.

They also offer lunch time delivery to office buildings in the area. I want to try that mainly because of the delivery vehicle parked in front of the door:


That seems to be the most authentic bit of the place.

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  1. Heather,
    Have you ever been to Taiwanese Beef Noodle House on Granville in Marpole?

    It's easy to miss as they have recently changed the sign facing the street and it has no English on it, only on the side one.. Don't know why I'm rambling about signs.. I just really like their new logo and decor..


    I never play games at this noodle house. Like the 1st and only time I went to "Wings' I ordered the philly cheese steak!?

    So when in Taiwanese Beef Noodle HOuse, I order the Taiwanese Beef Noodle House soup.


  2. you are right about the laksa! Bo's definitely a lot better.

    i live in yaletown so i've tried fresh bowl a couple of times before. I find their food alright/mediocre. I just think they shouldn't have dumb-downed their authenticity

  3. South East Asian McDonald's equivalent with the steep price. No comparison to Bo's

  4. James, thanks for the suggestion. I am all for noodle houses and will add that one to the list.

    Carmen, I love the comparison to McDonalds- good analogy.

    Kalen and Carmen, if you are downtown I recommend trying the Laksa at Mamuk Cafe in Pub 340. Post to come soon, but it was so good!

  5. Mamak Cafe does have good laksa! definitely comparable to Bo's.