Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ebi Ten (Robson)

I have walked by Ebi Ten on Robson many times. It is in the strip of fast food type restaurant by the Library. I have had hit and miss luck with these places. More bad luck than good. One of my co-workers suggested that I try Ebi Ten as she loves the sushi there. Okay, I am always up for a recommendation.

ebiten 001

Mistake. I was doing some errands and didn't have a lot of time left in my lunch so I went for some of their take out rolls. Not a good choice, it turns out.

They have a choice of cold rolls and then a heat lamp with a selection of hot items. I feel like I must have been there at a bad time because there was lots of activity in the kitchen, but the shelves were quite bare. The only thing they had left in hot items was a 3 piece chicken karaage so I grabbed one of those. I also purchased an "ebi-ten roll" which was shrimp tempura, avocado, California roll mix and lettuce and a BBQ beef roll.

ebiten 002

Most of the reviews of this place talk about the friendly service, and there I will agree. They were very nice for the 2 minutes that I was there. Then I went back to my desk to eat my sushi and enjoy my view.

ebiten 006

I started with the warm item, the deep fried chicken.

ebiten 003

It was the best part of the meal, but, to paraphrase Padma from Top Chef "you could deep fry my toe and it would taste good". I was happy that it wasn't really fatty and still crispy by the time I got to eat it.

No such luck with the Ebi-ten roll.

ebiten 004

I should have put more thought into getting a tempura style roll that has been sitting around for an unknown amount of time. The batter was soggy and the roll was quite large but really loosely rolled so it ended up being quite hard to eat. To big to eat at once but too loose to eat in 2 bites as it all fell apart.

Last was the BBQ beef roll.

ebiten 005

I was expecting this to be beefy and tangy like Korean short ribs. It was the most disappointing. It really had no flavour at all. The mix of beef and rice and seaweed tasted like nothing.

I went to the co-worker who suggested this joint to tell her that I was disappointed with my meal. She then told me that she usually gets a fresh made tempura rice bowl when she eats there. I think fresh made would be a better idea here but I am not going back to find out. Way too many sushi places in this area for me to want to go back again.  Harsh, but that is how I roll.

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