Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lully's Sandwich Cart

The existence of Lully's Sandwich Cart makes me very happy yet so very sad at the same time. I am happy because they are a new street food cart located outside of the Granville Skytrain station that offers "Montreal Old Fashioned Smoked Meat" and I love smoked meat sandwiches.

lollys 001

This cart makes me sad because this is the new endeavor of my favorites PanDa Fresh Bakery. They have put away the bus for now to open up the sandwich cart. They have promised me that they have not taken away my mac and cheese croissant forever. Hopefully this is true and not just an answer they gave to me to calm down the carb-crazed look I had in my eyes.

I am told that the Granville Skytrain station was to be the original location of PanDa bakery but the city then told them that the bus was too big to occupy that space so they moved to David Lam park for the summer. I have to agree that the skytrain station is a much better location, especially in the winter.

The menu is simple. Smoked meat sandwiches, soup and a drink. I was there on day three so they didn't have the soup ready yet. I guess that means I will have to do a return trip, for the sake of the blog of course.

lollys 002

I ordered my sandwich and was given the option to eat my pickle while I waited. Fun. Like a sour amuse bouche (thanks Top Chef for the fancy food words!) that I ate too fast to take a picture of. Imagine... a pickle.

lollys 003

The meat was plentiful and really, really moist. I liked that the sandwich meat was served warm as I was there on a fairly cold day. There was some mustard on the sandwich but that was it. Clean and simple.

They are very active on Twitter with their @LullysSandwich account if you want to make sure they are open that day or what their soup is.

I wish the boys well with their new location and sandwiches but I do ask that you don't forget us croissant lovers....

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  1. Awesome review Heather!

    and some seriously stacked sammys!