Thursday, August 12, 2010

Restaurants: India's Flavor

I have eaten here a lot, before I found JC. For 4 years I worked at a call centre on Terminal Ave. Not many food choices in that area. For excitement I would ride my bike to International Village and eat curry from India's Flavor at least twice a week, my favorite fast food Indian joint. I would always order the 2 curry combo with Mixed Vegetable Curry and what they called Leon Curry. At the time I was a vegan, but my one cheat was the Leon curry. I didn't mean to cheat, but when I asked if there was any dairy in it, they said no. Turns out there was yogurt in it but it was too late- I was hooked. Damn you, dairy!

But, that is the past. I haven't been to India's Flavor for quite sometime... until this week! In the eternal struggle of the downtown office worker to find someplace new and exciting for lunch, I suggested International Village Food Court. I was pretty excited to have some curry again. I ordered the Leon Curry and the Butter Chicken.

indiasflavor (1)

Was it as good as my memories? Mostly. I love that Leon Curry. I have seen it at other places called a Pakora Curry. The pakoras were plentiful and tasty and the sauce is more tangy than spicy. However, I should have stuck with the Mixed Vegetable instead of the Butter Chicken. There was nothing really wrong with the butter chicken but I thought the sauce could have been creamier. The naan could have been fresher as well. The woman at the counter was the only person working that day so the naan were sitting in the chafing dish and that made them kind of greasy. Most of the other times I had been there someone was working the naan oven as well. Tasty still, but a bit greasy.

I still have some problems with slopping the curries together. They are not made together, why would you mix them to serve them? But that is my issue.

India's Flavor is still a good option to keep in the under $10.00 lunch rotation. A reasonable price for the 2 curry combo and the few minor issues aside, a tasty lunch. Always a fun to see what store are trying to make a go of it in the Mall of Doom as well.

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