Friday, August 27, 2010

Restaurants: Phat

Today I was undecided on what to do for lunch so I went for a walk into Yaletown. I have lived in Vancouver for over 15 years and I work 2 blocks from Yaletown, yet I can count on my hand the number of times I have been in there. We went to Society for a good bye drink on Monday for the Temp and my boss pointed out a bunch of places she likes to lunch. I thought today would be a great day to give it a go.

And then it started to hail. So I ended up having lunch at the closest restaurant, Phat.

PHAT 003

I have to say that were it not for the rain, I would not have stopped here. The name, Phat, stands for Pretty Hot and Tasty. It is the primary color scheme and sports decor and TVs that would have turned me off.

PHAT 002

The owner was talking, very loudly and excitedly, to some customers that they are closing for a couple of days to redo the interior. He was also talking about how they are creating an iphone app that will allow iphone users to text in their order and received free beer coupons. Sounds good, especially the interior makeover. I wasn't excited about the description of the giant projection TV wall to replace the many small TVs that will play all the hockey games, but I don't give f*** about hockey. (Tragically Hip paraphrase, my favorite Hip lyric)

I do love a Jewish deli. Kenny and Zuke's is one of my favorite restaurants. There is a great smoked meat joint in the Granville Island Market. If you want to hear about the worst work week of my life, ask me about Solly's. A big deal is made out of the fact that they truck in their smoked meat from Montreal every couple of weeks. They serve the sandwich in 2 ways- "Skinny" and "PHAT". I asked the difference and the server at the counter indicated with her fingers that the PHAT version was about and inch more meat.

I went with the Skinny Hot Smoked Beef Sandwich on Rye with regular (not hot) mustard for $7.99.

PHAT 001

The sandwich was good, the bread was really fresh. The meat was warm but the bread was room temperature. The only side that came with the sandwich was a pickle quarter. I would have liked a salad or something with it. You can order soup or fries, but that comes at another $4.00. The service was extremely quick and friendly enough.

I am torn on if I liked it or not. The sandwich was good, but didn't come with sides. The service was friendly, but the decor was not my scene. I like that they serve all day breakfast. They have won awards for their bagels. The owner was very helpful in describing the menu and how to order when I came in. I think another trip is in order after the renos are done and my shoes are not soaking wet from the hail.

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