Wednesday, August 11, 2010

BBQ Pork with Beans and Rice

Tonight I had planned to make Creamy Chicken Pot Pie from Now Eat This by Rocco Dispirito. It sounds good and is made from a rotisserie chicken which is also good because someone else has cooked it.(side note- have you noticed that you can buy a rotisserie chicken from the store for around 8.00 but if you want to buy a chicken you roast yourself, it will cost way more than that? I have always found that strange) Turns out that there were no chickens ready when I hit the store. On to plan B.

I had some homemade guacamole left in the fridge from taco beef on polenta the other night so Mexican it was! I picked up some pork that was on sale and decided to make some beans and rice to go with it.
pork and beans 001

Okay. So here is my big confession.... I can't cook rice. No matter what I do, it turns out bad. I bought a rice cooker and ate rice that I cooked in it for years. Big M comes along and tells me that brown rice is not supposed to be kind of crunchy (what?) and makes me rice in a pot that is beautiful and not crunchy. So I throw the rice cooker out and follow his instructions. Crunchy, burned or runny. He makes rice all the time that is beautiful. Rice perfection continues to elude me so I gave up and bought instant rice- at Walmart.

I cooked the instant rice according to the box (boil water, put in rice, wait 5 minutes). I added some low sodium chicken broth, chili and onion powder to the water. Perfect! I then mixed in some black beans and mushrooms and cooked it for a bit longer. Nowhere near authentic, but it tastes really good. I topped it with some cheese (Cracker Barrel Cheese Snack. Individually wrapped and 60 calories each. Perfect for on meal and prompted a discussion with Big M about what a "cracker barrel" might be) and some parsley from my garden. The guacamole is my peach salsa that I blended in the Magic Bullet and is the brownish paste on the side. I don't know how to make green guac but it tastes awesome.

pork and beans 002

Now I am waiting for my 10lbs of blueberries to be delivered. I think I will start with blueberry cornmeal muffins.

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