Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Restaurants: Favorites Edition- Les Faux Bourgeois

Les Faux Bourgeois most likely doesn't need another raving review, but they sure are going to get one.

Big M and I visited last Thursday for date night. I had been to, as Big M calls it, Faux Bou once before with Wendy and fell in love. With the restaurant, not Wendy although she is lovely. I am currently infatuated with French food and LFB is my current restaurant of choice.

We arrived for our 8:30 reservation, and you must make reservations if you want a table, and the restaurant was packed. The hostess decided that one table had lingered there long enough and off she went to tell them to leave. I was half worried that they were going to be mad at us and the other half was pleased that we were important enough to be seated at our reservation time. Excellent customer service experience.

We had rode our bikes there (no bike racks!) so I decided to have some fancy cocktails. I love that the cocktail list has old school cocktails on it. I had the Tom Collins. Big M thought the beer offerings could have been better.

We started out with one of the specials, mussels with frites.

The sauce had fennel and it was delicious. The mussels were very fresh and the fries were crispy and not over salted.

The first time I was there I had the lamb stew. That wasn't on the menu anymore so I went with sausage:
Toulouse Sausage with tomato chutney and port pan jus. Choice of pommes purée or green salad. I chose the salad as the mussels came with potatoes.


Awesome. The sausage were very good. Upon returning home I looked the description of a Toulouse Sausage: "This exquisite French sausage is usually made with pork, smoked bacon, wine, and garlic. It's a great sausage for a cassoulet." Exquisite is not a term I have used for sausage before, but I will go with it because it was that good. I love that the pan jus was served in a little teacup. I need to learn more about salads because this one was seasoned so well.

Big M ordered the duck:
Crispy duck leg confit, fingerling potatoes, frisèe, green beans, port jus

He said the duck was crispy on the outside and nice and moist on the inside. He really liked the sauce.

We ended the meal with the Creme Brulee recommended by my friend Nick. When a French man makes a recommendation for a french restaurant it is probably best to take it. And it was.

lesfaux 004

I love cracking the top of brulee with a spoon. I need to buy one of those little torches so I can do it more.

A great place to go for date night. The service was prompt but casual and the atmosphere is happy and bustling. Vous pouvez être sûr que je serai de retour, mes amis. Jusqu'à ce que nous nous reverrons ...

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