Monday, August 9, 2010

Restaurants: Red Dot Cafe

Pop quiz- Name this location:
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Answer: The Red Dot Cafe at 401 W. Georgia. Still unsure? No worries, I had to be taken there. My co worker kept talking about this sandwich place that was "across from the Library in the Bank of Montreal building". I would never have know that this place existed. Walk down Homer past the BMO entrance and there is a little glass building up a ramp and the door is in a secret courtyard. A secret sandwich place for office workers!

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They have the usual listing of hot and cold sandwiches, soups and salads and a rather impressive desert selection. They have a specials board everyday as well.
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What I like about the Red Dot is the freshness and the service. The sandwiches are all made to order with really fresh ingredients. Nothing too exotic on the menu but the food is good and fast. Two important qualities of the downtown worker lunchtime experience. The counter is run cafeteria style and the workers have always been very happy and helpful. Most sandwiches are offered with different types of breads or wraps and they have fresh salads that change daily. A good selection of pastries for the morning and deserts include baked goods or fresh fruit salads that are made up from more than just melon. I also like that the prices seem like they have some sort of math behind them. Specials are $8.41 or $7.92 like they put thought into how much the ingredients and labour will cost them each day.

I always enjoy eating individual size portions of food that is normally bigger. I like pretending that the food is normal size and I am a giant. To that end, I ordered the individual quiche and salad. $7.92

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They had 3 different quiches to pick from. I had the mushroom and goat cheese and salad with raspberry poppy seed vinaigrette (So 1988, I know, but I like it). I don't know if they cook the crusts there but the quiche was really fresh and not overcooked.

An excellent option for a good, fresh, under $10.00 lunch. Now you are in on the secret.

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