Monday, August 16, 2010

Restaurants: House of Dosas

A great example of the awesomeness that is food wrapped in dough is the dosa. Curry wrapped in a giant, crispy crepe? Yes please! One of the best places to get a dosa is the aptly named House of Dosas. HOD is located on the corner of Kingsway and Knight and is 24hrs!

When is the best time to go and eat mounds of hot curry? The hottest day of the year, of course! Pack the restaurant full of people eating hot food and make sure that the air conditioning is broken. The House of Dosas is worth it. Especially when Kingfisher is involved:
(plant and pot made by Marie)

Big M started us out with Pakora.

The service at HOD is very swift. I had some concerns about the freshness of the pakora when they arrived to the table within 5 minutes of ordering, but they were great. Very crispy on the outside and soft insides and not greasy. Too often I have received pakora sitting in a plate of grease so I was very pleased with this plate. My only criticism would be that they were more dough than vegetables, but they were really tasty and hot.

Dosa. I want to write songs about dosa. Stand on rooftops and proclaim my love. I need an I *heart* dosa T-Shirt. Marie informed us they ate dosa for breakfast at the place they visited in India. Sigh. Mine was the lamb curry dosa.


The dosa was perfect. So crispy on the outside with a little bit of soft dough on the inside. I had to get out of my seat to get a picture of how big it was. I also apologized to the semi-vegetarians we were with for the amount of lamb that it took to fill that! The lamb curry filling was fantastic. The lamb seemed to be ground instead of in chunks which made it easier to eat in this form. It was spicy without being overwhelming. I don't know the names of the sauces that come with a dosa, but I really enjoyed the coolness of the greenish coconut sauce.

The HOD offers quite an array of dosa as well as more traditional curries. Plenty of vegetarian options on the menu. The table next to us orded a jumbo dosa that was about twice the size of the ones we had ordered. I wanted to see the kitchen because I couldn't understand how they could cook a crepe so large! Everyone we went with raved about their dosas. The service is quick and friendly. If you are a cricket fan, they have it playing on the TVs in the restaurant.

Hooray for Dosa!
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