Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Noodle Box (Yaletown)

I had no idea that they had opened up a Noodle Box near my work in Yaletown until I read a Georgia Straight article about another restaurant opening near by.  So excited!  The Noodle Box in Kitsilano had been on my wish list for a while as I love noodles, but I rarely get to Kits.  I was so excited about the Yaletown opening that I took Big M there for a lunch date. 

Noodlebox 007

My first impression was that the place was huge! Giant loft ceilings and quite a bit of seating. Seems much bigger than their Kits location. We arrived around 11:40 so we had no problem finding a seat. At about 12:15 there was a line up to the door.

Noodlebox 001

This is a order at the counter and then wait for your name to be called out place. Not my favorite, especially when the music is played a too loud and the gal working the orders is not loud enough. The fella working the counter that day was very helpful. I said it was my first time and he did a great job of explaining the ordering process and the highlights of the menu.

I decided to go with an appetizer and a bowl of noodles a) because I am unable to resist dumplings and b) I was unaware of how big the bowl of noodles was going to be. The helpful fella at the counter even let me order half veggie/half pork dumplings!

FRIED DUMPLINGS $7.50 Six pork or vegetable, served with ponzu sauce.

Noodlebox 003

I don't know why I was surprised that they were deep fried dumplings. I had expected pan fried. The pork were the winners of the two types. They were quite tasty. The veggies ones tasted like deep fried dumpling skins. They didn't have much of a distinctive taste past deep fried. I don't think I would get them again for lunch as it was too much food after I received my noodles, and I think they are a bit expensive for what you get.

For my noodles, they had me with the first listing on the menu. BLACK BEAN AND GARLIC- Hokkein noodles, wok fried with garlic, peppers, asian greens,sprouts, herbs and black bean sauce. I went with chicken for $10.75.

Noodlebox 004

This was a giant bowl of noodles! It was a lovely presentation. I really enjoyed this meal but it was straight up salty. Black bean sauce is generally salty and there was an abundance of sauce in the bowl. I liked the fresh sprouts and onions on the side and there was a generous amount of chicken.

I ate about half of my noodles and then got a cute take out box for my leftovers. I have to say, my half eaten noodles filled the box which made Big M and I wonder if you get more noodles for eat-in rather than take-out. A fun experiment to try for next time...

Noodlebox 006

Big M went with the TERIYAKI BOX- Thick Japanese udon noodles, wok fried with garlic, peppers, asian greens, sprouts, green onion and a sweet and mild teriyaki glaze. He chose the beef for $12.00.

Noodlebox 005

He thought the noodles were very tasty, but they had too much sauce. A general theme for our meal.

I really enjoyed my food. One observation: there is a self serve water tap-which I appreciate- but there was a drip pan underneath with rocks that needed to be cleaned. I can see why they decided to open such a large space. The place was hopping by the time we left and I can only see it getting busier. I will certainly be back.

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  1. Wow, that's like the Costco of Noodle Boxes... it's huge! I live in Victoria and the Noodle Box here is much smaller (maybe some would say cozier). But if you are ever in Victoria, it may be smaller but the noodles will still be just as tasty!