Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Red Burrito (Robson)

I was playing around on the Urbanspoon site the other day trying to figure out where to go for lunch and a sidebar add came up showing a burrito. Perfect, as soon as I saw it, I could think of nothing but burritos. One of the closest burrito places to me is Red Burrito on Robson. Big M is a big fan of the Red Burrito on Commercial and he used to get burritos from there all the time when we lived on 5th. I hadn't been to the Robson location yet, so it was the natural choice.


The inside looks just the same as the one on Commercial, if a bit larger. A counter where you order the food and then single window seating for about 4 or 5 with some table seating for maybe 15-20 in the back. A bonus for me was the TV which the staff had turned to HGTV so I got to watch Love it or List it (my favorite!). Thanks for not playing sports!


They have a limited menu with a choice of burrito or tacos with beef, chicken, pork or shrimp as the main options. I think they also have a quesadilla. You can also get a salad bowl as an option if you don't want the carbs. (are we still doing that?)

Here is where I had a problem with the set up. I got there about 11:45 and there was one person working. She was finishing up with an order at the cash register when I walked in. By the time she took my order, about 4 more people were behind me. Having only one staff at lunch seemed an odd choice. She then took my order- beef burrito on a whole wheat tortilla (choice of whole wheat or tomato)- steamed the tortilla, put the rice, beans and meat in and then set it aside and moved on to the next guy. She did this for everyone in the line. Because I was first in this queue, my burrito sat there for about 5 minutes before she moved onto the fillings stations. Not the best way, IMHO.  Another staff member finally joined her around 12:20ish but there was a bit of a backup by that time.

All burritos get rice, beans, meat and choice of fillings including salsa, hot sauce and lettuce. Cheese, and guacamole are extra. I believe it comes with sour cream although I did not take it.



It was fine. The meat was juicy and nicely flavored and I liked the green chili sauce that was added. The rice was kind of hard when I started eating but it softened up as it absorbed the sauces. Certainly didn't blow my mind as the best burrito I have ever, but it satisfied the craving that I had. I haven't tried the tacos but I am a La Taqueria fan so I think I would rather go there and have super awesome tacos then try them at Red Burrito.

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  1. Interesting - when I've been there have usually been 3 people working - 1) gets your tortilla and put the meat on it, 2) inserts fillings as per your directions and 3) takes payment. I haven't been in a while though. I MUST try La Tacqueria!