Friday, January 13, 2012

Steamrollers- Hornby

I want to like Steamrollers more than I do. I am a huge fan of burritos, especially Mission style burritos. Big M used to live across from a Steamrollers and he waxes poetic about their Christmas turkey and cranberry burritos. Me, meh.

steamrollers 005

Steamrollers on Hornby is one of the closer "quick service" type joints to my new work. It is one of those places that I come back to every once in a while because, as I said, I want to like them. I do like the industrial style design of the stores with the orange accents. The Hornby location is quite large and set up mostly with long rows of stools. There are a few booths to the side. They can fit quite a few people in there and it does seem quite busy at lunches when I go by.

steamrollers 002

The menu offers a variation of vegetarian, chicken and beef burritos. You can order them "wet" in which they top them with sauce or order a "roller bowl" (which the derby girl in me loves!) which is the toppings without the tortilla. As all of their burritos are steam cooked, they are a fairly healthy lunch option. They offer a calorie count on their website if anyone is interested.

steamrollers 001

On this trip I went for the Deluxe Chicken burrito for $7.95. "DELUXE CHICKEN- whole wheat tortilla, Spanish rice, pinto beans, jack cheese, lettuce, salsa, garlic yogurt sauce". It was ready less than five minutes.

steamrollers 003

On the inside:

steamrollers 004

It was very... brown. My least favorite part were the beans. They were cooked, but lacked any flavor or seasoning. I wish the meat were spicier as well, but a good size and very filling. I was trying to think of more to say but, really, that's it. 

I like that Steamrollers is a healthy (depending on what you get) lunch option in the downtown core. I also like that they are a Vancouver company started by a San Fran transplant who missed Mission-style burritos (there they just call them burritos), and started a company to sell them. I like that they are successful. I just wish I was more blown away by the flavour. I will keep trying.

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  1. FULLY agree with your take. I also want to like Steamrollers, and have gone back many many times and always leave a little disappointed. I have developed a bit of an appreciation for the original wet burrito. But like you, I am happy they are successful.