Sunday, January 8, 2012

Pizzeria Farina

Pizzeria Farina is another addition to the Neapolitan pizza craze that has hit Vancouver- hooray! This one is East Van style- in a cozy little spot next to the Cobalt. This strip of Main is quickly becoming one of my favorite foodie hot spots with Electric Owl, Campagnolo, and Union as neighbours.

Farina 008
(Google translate tells me that the sign roughly says "In life, nothing ventured, nothing gained")

It was a dark and rainy night when Big M and I decided to finally stop in. We were on the Adanac bike route and it was an easy choice. This area does not have an abundance of street parking but it has two bike racks in the creepy alley in between the Cobalt and Farina.

The inside is sparsely decorated in a red and white theme. The walls are white washed and there is a bike hanging on the wall. I love how bike friendly/focuses they are! There is a communal table for about 10 in the middle, a couple of two seaters and then some single window seating. Even though it was rainy and cold the night we were there, they had a good number of take out orders.

Farina 002

The menu has seven pizzas, with one being a special pizza, ranging in price from $9 to $15. Four of those seven pizzas are vegetarian.

Big M ordered first and chose the Calabrese- Soppressatta, tomato sauce, mozzarella and nicoise olives $14.00.

Farina 007

This was a very tasty pizza. The crust had a nice amount of char on the bottom and the tomato sauce was fresh and tangy. I would have preferred more soppressatta, but I love salty meat products so there couldn't be too much for me. We could have ordered extra for $3.00 more.

I went for the most expensive on the menu, the Funghi- mushrooms, mozzarella, parmesan, red onions, garlic and arugula $15.00.

Farina 004

This was a pizza! I love when there is salad on top of my pizza because that makes is good for you. The arugula was nice and peppery so I felt it went really well with the mushrooms. Again, the crust was perfectly cooked. There were big chunks of garlic, which I also love. I am sure the rest of the pizzas here are equally good, but I will be ordering this one again on my next visit.

Pizzeria Farina has a hip, young vibe to it and the service was friendly and quick.

Farina 001

I liked that they had self serve water on tap, regular and sparkling. You can also top your pizzas with some infused oils (I believe they are made by Farina), an oregano based oil and a spicier oil.

Farina 003

You can follow Pizzeria Farina on Twitter- @pizzeriafarina. They tweet their specials and when they run out of pizza for the night. Good to check before you head down that way.

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