Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sapporo Ramen Shogun

I struggled with this review because the most interesting thing about Sapporo Ramen Shogun is the name. It makes me think of drunken kung-fu fighters. The name is cool, the food is...okay. Review done!

Just kidding. I took some pictures.

shogun 008

Some of my favorite ladies who lunch, Adele and Andrie, joined me for a lunch date to Shogun. I love ramen and they were looking for some sushi so we thought we would try out something new. The entrance to Shogun is street level on Hornby, but upon entering, I felt like we entered some body's seventies basement.

shogun 001

The walls were white washed cinder block, the floor tiles were chipped and the ceiling tiles were yellowed and uneven. Not a good start. This is a place that could really use a restaurant makeover. There is plenty of (old) seating and they got really busy, so the decor must not bother other people.

There sushi section of the menu was surprisingly small. They offer more soups and plate meals. Andrie ordered a California Roll.

shogun 003

Yup, crab and avocado. They didn't even bother to mix the crab with anything or add cucumber. She said it tasted okay, but her favorite part was that it was in a boat! The plate was the best part.

Adele chose a salmon roll and a dynamite roll.

shogun 005

She liked the size of the dynamite roll, it was not too large to eat. She said they both tasted fine. Nothing bad with the rolls, but nothing exciting about them either. I know, what exciting things can you expect from a salmon roll, but we were left wanting more.

I am currently obsessed with ramen, so I ordered the wonton ramen soup.

shogun 007

The best part was the wontons. They were really tasty and I felt there were a good amount of them in the soup. I was really amused by the addition of the corn. I love corn and liked the sweetness that it added. The broth was not what I was expecting. It tasted like it was just chicken broth, there was no creaminess or fattiness to the broth that makes ramen awesome. Maybe this is a different kind of ramen and it should be this thin broth, but I didn't like it. I ate the wontons and corn and pretty much left the rest.

There was nothing really wrong with this meal, all the ingredients were fresh and the service was friendly and quick. There was just nothing great about it. I think this will be my one and only visit. But you can go, if you really want to.

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  1. wrong place for sushi! ramen is decent as are the gyoza and "don" dishes.

    place has been around since ??? - i used to go there in the late 80's-90's. back then there was usually a lunch lineup before noon.

    do they still use a cardboard box as a cash register?