Sunday, July 25, 2010


Wendy and Gabs had a baby. I am the first to admit that I don't have much practical knowledge in this area. I don't have alot of close friends with babies. So I went to my tried and true, WWMSD? What would Martha Stewart do? And the answer came to me- make them a casserole.

Casserole seems to be the thing to do in the novels I read. Well, the non-vampire ones anyway. Someone is born, someone dies, some important life thing happens- casserole. Now what type of casserole? To the internet!

Most casseroles seem to involve noodles, cheese or soup. I thought I remembered a post of Wendy's saying that she was making a lasagna to freeze for the baby time so I didn't want to make anything noodley. So I chose Double Mushroom Bread Pudding. I am quite facinated by savory bread puddings. This one sounded good and then I added bacon. Then it sounded great!

I have made one previous savory bread pudding, a turkey cranberry bread pudding, and the recipie called for alot more liquid than I thought it needed. So I cut all the liquid called for- milk and eggs by half. That seemed to work really well. I also used the rest of the jalapeno havarti that we had in the fridge.

It smelled delicious! I will have to ask them how it tasted. Here is a close up. I love how goldeny the bread got:

And thanks to the fine people at Vancouver Slop, I found out that the bakery by my house, the Monte Cristo, is the bakery that makes some of the Starbucks treats. If they don't make the cut looks-wise to give to Starbucks, they sell them in their store front. So the kids also received a banged up looking Raspberry Lemon Loaf. FOR $6.00!

I had avoided going into that bakery partly because they are halfway up the Gilmore hill and on my bike I just want to keep going, and partly because I didn't want to know if there were awesome baked goods inside. I could just make due with the yummy smell as I rode past it. Now I know. Sigh.

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  1. Heather!
    I just learned so much from this post.
    Thanks. Thanks bunches!